Lesson 313 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, November 9, 2015

Lesson 313: “What is the Last Judgment?”  “Now let a new perception come to me.”

The Course teaches that every moment is a new moment.  The Course says we in no way are limited by what we think is the past.  The past means nothing.  The Course says we have to see the past as unreal so we in no way give it meaning and validity.  Our egos generally like to continue what they think what they are already doing.  The ego thinks the past is its comfort; therefore, it generally won’t even entertain the possibility that the past has no effect on us in any way.

Our egos like to maintain their same old song.  Thus, the ego can do nothing but complain about the present that the ego deems as generated because of the impact of the past.  The Course gives us a way out of this hell.  We can stop passing right over the present.  The ego is so attached to the past, it simply feels the past at length and then goes right into carrying that over into the future.  The ego’s finest idea is to bypass the present.  The ego tries to convince us that the present has no power to change any of our experiences.  The ego just says the present is simply a repeat and nothing else.

This is how the ego keeps control over our lives.  It keeps playing out those games of suffering that the ego thinks we are damned to continue.  The beauty of the Course is that we can learn that we can actually change our reality.  We can change the future because we focus solely on the present.  We can simply change the future simply by living God’s purpose in our present.  This means we can actually never think about the future.   Jesus teaches us in the Course that the future never exists.  We simply need to learn to be able to hold that the future as a non- reality, and let go of our ego drive to make the future this way or that way.  It is all just the ego need to control rigidly instead of being open and accepting to the possibility changing it.

We simply want to know that the future will never exist because time is not real; therefore, all concepts in time like past and future have no reality.  This helps us to prevent our attachment about what has happened in the past and what we think might happen in the future.  What we are asked to do is learn to hold them lightly and gently.  When we live in the world and we have to plan for our future, know that it is simply allowing for a mind of non-judgement whatever God knows makes sense for the future of our lives.

Know that we always have the chance to come to the moment with a fresh and delicate mind where we are gently interacting in the world.  We make our reality while we know truly that the present is all there is.  We need to watch our minds for any thoughts that drive us temporarily out of the present.  What we want to do is stay committed to watching our minds.  What we learn to do is gently look at the present and watch our willingness so we stay connected with our commitment to stay in the now.

When we stay in the moment and we understand that the past is and never was real, then the amazing thing is that we can instead see a unadulterated present.  If there is nothing but the present, then we will not struggle over any amount of allowing some new perception to come.  If there is no time but the present, then we can definitely find new meaning, or new perceptions over what we see.  The Course says Jesus can and will teach us to take the moment now and live it fully as a flower in then blooming garden of God’s perfect present.  Know that every moment we have the chance to choose again.  When we commit to living in the now, we can enjoy and live in our new mind of seeing things as holy simply because God gives us the option to delight in the present.


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