ACIM Lesson 9

Lesson 9: “I see nothing as it is now”

This lesson says, “In fact, the recognition that you do not understand is a prerequisite for undoing your false ideas.” 

We just need to take baby steps.  We need to take little-bitty-teensy- weensy size steps. 

We are in the process of changing our thinking and this is monstrously huge.  The changing our thinking is also simple and straightforward.

We just need to keep at it, and eventually we really change our minds more completely over time.

We just need to do something every day.  We start by hearing that we understand nothing in the world.

We get regular practice of just letting this in. 

We need all the reinforcement possible in the process.

Our changing out thinking is a big deal so we are asked to simply show up every day and do something small in the process.  

We can just trust that it will all work out in the end because this is God’s practice. 

God is at the helm of our ship when we do the Course, and we just need to be willing to trust in this process.  God is ultimately trustworthy because God is God.

Therefore, we just need to realize that God’s plan is perfect and we can have faith because we are wanting to have faith. 

When we have faith, then we trust in God, and this is the best way to serve ourselves.

Thank goodness that the Course is so gentle with us.  There is never a suggestion that we should have any other behaviors than those we have, because God never judges us.

We just need to appreciate that this process of changing our minds is very much going to come with reactions from the ego.  We can forgive this and know that we learn as we grow in our forgiveness process, so it is worth doing.

We just need to appreciate that we have no idea about what is before us.

We never have a clue because we are not aware of the master plan as God is, and we never know exactly the purpose for what is before us. 

We just need to hold very lightly the present and the past and future. 

We need to just listen to God’s input, and know we are safely guided, so we have no reason to buck in the process of changing our thinking. 

Just reassure ourselves in this process- that it is ideal if we don’t know.

The problem is that we think we do and this always puts us out of balance with God’s alignment.


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