ACIM Lesson 10

Lesson 10: “My thoughts do not mean anything.”

We learn first to look at our thoughts in general.

We look at the thoughts about everything and about how the Universe works. 

We look at everything in the process of getting to have a deeper look into our own way of using them.

We want to gain self awareness in the way we live and within our thoughts, which needs to happen whenever possible.

We started with the broad range of thoughts and try to remember specifically not to exclude any thing in the application of our mind watching practice where we pinpoint what we think. 

This gets us in the groove of watching in general and gives us a first step which leads us logically to the next.

The next important thing we learn now is how to really focus on our own thinking. 

We are the ones who do the thinking and so it makes perfect sense that we are the responsible ones for noticing what we are thinking.

We are asked to appreciate that we are the only people we need to care about when it comes to what is being thought within us and around us.  We are the only ones who make our minds as they are. 

We need to realize this and accept it, and forgive it promptly, when we get to that place.  But we need to always start the mind watching with what is happening in our minds specifically.

The Course says that we are all the only person out there in the world.

We people are all manifestations of what we are thinking.

People are their own unique picture of God’s energy, and this is all within a united energy field that we all take on our human lives. 

We come to earth with God’s energy, and we come in the human form- which is inherently not of God- because we got the made and crazy idea that we separated from God.  

We go to earth, and get put into situations that are appropriate for our soul’s learning, because we are all in the process of going home to God. 

Sometimes this happens in a person’s life instantaneously, but sometimes, we need to keep coming back in reincarnations of human forms, where we can just exist in our lives long enough to learn what is necessary in our lives. 

But we just need to appreciate that we are God’s children and nothing is ever wrong with us.

We are asked to make our thinking personal.

Since we are the only ones out there except for God, then, we have every reason to pay attention to what we think and feel primarily because it logically is the only important thing we can do to change our lives.

We just need to be willing to accept that we have the opportunity to be the ones to change our lives and change the world simply because we have access to it when we interact with the world in our lives.

We have the capacity to heal it all.

 This is our gift to ourselves when we stay tuned in with our growing self awareness.

When this within us becomes elevated and light because it is aligned with God, then we heal the world and all of our brothers and sisters, because God designed the Universe this way.


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