ACIM Lesson 11

Lesson 11: “My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.”

One of the most important purposes of the Course is to teach us to behave toward the world with a neutral stance. 

We definitely get the ego’s pull about the world within us that causes us severe pain because the ego is so intense about everything. 

We, therefore, have gotten ourselves to a skewed relationship with  our perception about the world because we believe the ego’s tendencies as the only possibility.

We have just been establishing in earlier lessons that we think our thoughts in a way that causes energy to get manifested into the world as the projection of our thoughts into form. 

We are just getting used to the new idea- that we truly want to change our thinking.  This is the only way to change how our world looks and how we feel about our world.

God has already given us the Keys to the Kingdom and we just have to get used to our amazing great fortune. 

This is a given we can count on and that is our best gift.

We have this abundance in the world that God has already declared for us and so we can feel wonderful about that.  

The whole purpose of the Course is to get us to place where we are not attached to the world.

We have God’s Kingdom which is perfect, and we can love it and cherish it, but this is all we want in our relationship with the world. 

We want to hold very gently to all we see in the world.  We want to remember to breathe and be balanced in the process of loving the world.  We want to love things in a manner that is healthy and appropriate.  

Sometimes we lose track of how to do this, and this is something we just need to forgive ourselves about. 

But we can just come back to the important task of staying on the task of releasing everything.

Give everything we see int he world to God to cleanse and make whole and safe and sane. 

We want to love everything with enthusiasm but also with the gift of healthy boundaries.

The world is a place with which we are learning to live in harmony.  We need to practice the art of surrendering our attachments.

We are asked to remember that truly our thoughts are meaningless because they have no purpose beyond what we give them.

Our thoughts are also showing us a meaningless world and they are just allowing us to transform how we see the world.

The world is insane, the Course says, because it is not inherently of God, and this is why the world is always considered meaningless. 

We are asked to just appreciate that since the world is meaningless, on some level, it is always shaking us up and throwing us out of alignment with God.  

But because it is meaningless it has no power to affect us in a deep way if we are conscious of this and allow it to be.

This is why we are asked to just realize this for what it is, and use this information as a tool to support us in the process of staying unattached to the world as we see it.


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