ACIM Lesson 12

Lesson 12: “I am upset because I see a meaningless world.”

It turns out that we are upset because we see a meaningless world, and the good news is that we can have something to change when we feel upset. 

We have a location within us that we can go to when we get to that place of upset. 

The hardest part of being upset is always the sense of desperation and helplessness in it. 

We feel terrible and we have absolutely no way to change this.  This is the most disempowering thing ever.

So just the fact that we now from the Course’s perspective that we can look to our upset with the knowing that we can get to an answer about how to heal it, is all the good news we want to hear. 

When we get the information that we have the way to change the upset, we have no reason to continue to suffer about it any longer, because we can get to the root of what is causing it. 

This is the beginning of our permanent shift, when we just gain the knowledge that we can access how to eliminate the problem.  

It turns out that we discover that there is a reason we are upset, and that means that we can logically take the next step and change it.

This is the best news.

Then, we get to see that the world is actually meaningless, and this is why it has no reason to bother us in the future or at any time in the present.  

The meaninglessness of the world is the reason we can just not get affected by all that meaningless in the world.

We are not affected in any way since that meaningless stuff is actually unreal. 

It is not stable and consistent and eternal like God, it is also not light and perfect and clear like God. 

Any of the meaningless stuff in the world are the things that have no power to affect us because they are not of God. 

The meaningless stuff just disappears because it is unreal, and the Course just reminds us to label this stuff as actually inconsequential. 

It disappears because it is not made of God’s perfect and whole energy which is perfectly consistent.

We just need to appreciate how fortunate we are that we can get out of the loop of self destruction when we listen the ego’s jabs about all the suffering in the world that we will not be able to avoid. 

When we discover the world is meaningless, then suddenly, our lives get filled up with miracles, instead of lack of love, because we accept the perfection of the moment and get out of the crazy roller coaster we find ourselves on when we allow the ego to have a voice.

We have the way out of our hell when we just make sure that we have no reason to suffer over the monstrosities in the world any longer since we have a choice in the matter.


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