Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 67: “Love created me like Itself.”

Jesus teaches us how to see only the good about ourselves.  We are learning that God is the reason we can claim about ourselves to be only the perfect and whole.  We are learning to get good at changing our minds about who we think we are.  The world says that we have all kinds of imperfections.  We are faced in our daily existence with many flaws that take our time and attention.  One of the things about being human is that we have to take care of this stuff.  We have to deal with what is appearing on our To Do List in order to live in a complete way.  We have to pay attention to the situations that come up in life that may seem to take us out of our Godly identity.  We can’t just sit in a closet and not take care of our day to day needs.

We could but we need to first see what they are.  Sometimes if we try to remove ourselves from our regular living, we end up neglecting parts of our lives that are essential for affording us to live fully.  We want to live in healthy ways where we notice and care for what our bodies and hearts need to survive and ideally thrive.  We have to be present in the moment which is where the Course teaches us to live.  Being in the moment requires us to be awake and alive in the body in which we find ourselves.  This is part of why we want to not deny the presence of the body.

An unhealthy denial of this amazing instrument that is present and available to provide us with a tool with which to venture along in our life will not give us peace of mind or the capacity to function optimally. 

We need the body to be God’s hands and feet and be able to serve the world with our heart of miracles.

We learn from the Course that the body is a necessary part of our existence.  And we also learn that the body is not real and so we live within it in a way that has a very different approach from which we live in the mind.  We learn that we are blessed with the body that we can use it well as a just a part of the tools that God provides us with so we can dedicate our lives to being happy and remembering wholly that we are lovable.

We are learning that the body has purpose.  And we are learning how to forgive that we need a body.  We can celebrate it and love it for all the gifts and joy it brings and we must forgive it for any amount of sickness or suffering we think the body feels.

ΔThe way to be happy in the world is to stay in the clear idea that our body is not real and so we can simply stay focused on letting God’s plan be our sole identity and function. 

♥We want to stay clear that our only purpose is extending God’s love and accepting it for ourselves. 

The spiritual identity is what allows us to stay committed to maintaining God’s approach internally.  We simply need to let the spirit be the reason we do what we do in the world physically and practically.

But we can do all physical endeavors with a grand pleasure and loving it all for giving us this incredible opportunity to choose a plan with God that gives us the moment to moment connection with our peace and great joy.  We are learning how to detach ourselves from the world.  We keep noticing if we make the world or our bodies or someone else more important than God.  When we do, we end up giving this other person or thing more time and attention than God.  The beautiful thing is that when we give time to God this is also giving it to ourselves.  This is our Higher Selves.  We definitely don’t want to imagine God is outside of us here.  All we have to do is allow ourselves to be fortified and set in the perfection that we are when we identify with God.  Because, this is the power of Love which is the only true power in the Universe.  This is why we keep learning to let God as Love be the only emphasis in our mentality.  We operate in the world doing what needs to be done with a heart of certainty that we carry God’s Love to all we do.


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