Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 66:  “My happiness and my function are one.”

The Course teaches us that our happiness is the most important thing we can do.  We are fully influenced to believe in the world that saving the starving babies in Africa is the most important part of our living.  Or we believe that taking care of our kids or our mothers is the top of the list.  We hear all the time that we find our purpose very specifically in a worldly cause.  We hear that we are meant to be the best preacher’s wife that we can be.  The world always gives us a job in the world.  We think that our purpose is to take certain actions that we are expected or told we must do.

Then we base our worth on this.  We ask ourselves if we are doing what our prescribed job well?

We judge ourselves from the worldly perspective and we pressure ourselves to meet a given standard that the world designates. 

This is always the way to be confused and feel misunderstood by the world’s judgement.  We can feel totally useless in our way of living because we deem ourselves as not being good enough to carry out our dedicated worldly job with the right kind of outcome at the end.  The world judges everything by its own insane standard.

This gets confusing because we in our Godly mind simply want to show up and be loved and give love where ever we go.  But the ego loses this focus.  The ego says that we have a specific activity to do and we better live up to this standard or we will suffer the consequences of feeling lost and disillusioned in the world.  This always happens when we look to the world to give us a sense of meaning.  We end up totally off base because we start following the world’s rules-

which necessarily make us feel both inadequate and unloved. 

All we are asked to do is stop following the world’s plan.  This never works.

What we need to do is realize that God’s plan is the only one that leaves us fulfilled and at peace.  The Course’s defines God as the Entity Who is never out to get us or angry for some seeming shortcoming.  This is why we want to be clear internally that we want to choose God’s way.

What is extraordinary about God is that He wants us to simply be happy.  This is the only thing He has ever asked us to do.  It is bizarre that the ego rejects this request.  This is the ONLY thing God wants for us.  This means God wants for us to be light and full of joy and playful and giddy when it’s the perfect time for it, which is always.  This means God is not asking us to climb the ladder of worldly accomplishment.  We can do this if we feel called.  We can do in the world whatever the Holy Spirit guides us to do.  Then we don’t have to feel guilty or resentful or have any emotional reaction besides certainty as we live in our joyful mind.

♥We don’t have to feel anything but happy because God wants us to enjoy ourselves. 

±He gives us this agenda so we can just love the life we are living.

This means that we can do our most important function always.  This means we don’t have to worry that we are not following through adequately enough in achieving worldly goals.  We can do them if we feel drawn to do them from a perspective of meeting the world with miracles and an open-loving mind whatever we do.  But we don’t have to do them.  We just need to realize that we are infinitely fortunate to simply get to experience joy and lightness and we don’t have to push ourselves if we can’t accomplish any more.  Our happiness is the gift we give to all the masses because when we feel so good, this energy exudes out from our mind and soul and affects everyone in a totally positive way.  The joy spreads throughout the humans because this is the beyond-this-world-capacity of God’s Love.  This is why we have this job and only this job in our individual life journey.

This is the way to heal the world, bringing our light hearts to the people who still believe the battleground exists. 


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