ACIM Lesson 5

Lesson 5: “I am never upset for the reason I think.”

We are learning to get more clarity about how we feel and what is the nature of the feelings we are having. 

This clarity helps us in the process; the Course teaches how to realize we have the capacity to choose what we think and feel when we get good at doing so.

We learn that all upsets are disturbing because they all cast ripples in the placid lake of our mind’s serenity.

The Course teaches that there is only fear and love.  All other feelings are in these two categories.  Thus, we must simply learn to understand that there is not a broad array of feelings because we break them down into these two major categories.

This helps a lot because it helps us to get more quickly to the clarity about what is the nature of the feelings we are having.

Sometimes they feel intense and therefore, we may be temporarily blinded when we are trying to simply make sense of what they are.  

The Course says that since all feelings can be boiled down to just these two feelings, then our figuring out which feeling goes in which category is a lot simpler and easier than when we think the list of categories is endless.

This is a gift, because what we want to do- when we get the hang of it- is see quickly which feeling is in the category of love so we don’t have to do anything but show up and enjoy it. 

We see also which feelings are from fear’s category- where we see a call for love- and therefore, we want to bring love to the situation. 

Then, we get to enjoy it thoroughly.

Understand that the ego is big on perpetuating our fear thoughts.  These come in many different forms in our mind-spirit.  However, they are all the same in the basic form.  This is fear as we know it.

The Course teaches that fear is prevalent  in our minds, but we can and must learn how to undo this fear.

We can give space in our minds for God to come instead in the form of Love- to heal for us that fear manifestation.  

We must appreciate that all that causes us upset is making us miserable and the reality is that the ego attaches meaning to everything.  And this meaning of the ego is never God centered so we end up with an emotional world that is afflicted with fear.

The ego has a long list of ideas about why our upset is valid but the reality is that when we allow our minds to entertain the ego ideas, we end up living in a roller coaster of attack thoughts within and around us.

This never serves us because it is far from our feeling good. 

And this cycle of attack makes us less functional or totally non functional in the course of our lives.

This is why it is worth undoing.


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