ACIM Lesson 312

Lesson 312: “What is the Last Judgement?”  “I see all things as I would have them be.”

We are fortunate for our vision.  When we see the world, we have this awesome ability of seeing with eyes that give us information about what is out there.

We have the capacity to collect information through our vision. 

The world, the Course says, is a projection of our thinking, it is the out picturing of our minds. 

This is the way we get a clue about what is actually inside of us.  What a magnificent tool we have to learn about ourselves.

We just have to take some responsibility for what we see and appreciate that we are the ones who create it even if we think we are not the culprits and rather all others are the bearers of our life’s bad news. 

It turns out that we do that all by ourselves.  This may be disheartening at the beginning, but what we learn in the Course is that this gives us information so we have the capacity to change what we see before us.  We also have the chance to change what is inside our thinking.  Thus, then we can alter what takes us out of our happy mode.

If we are not at peace, when we see the world, it is our responsibility to show up and be willing to make the reality totally different in the way we perceive it. 

As we deal with it proactively, we are reminded to not stress over what we see.

Our task in the game of learning about who we are when we see the world as we perceive it is that we can use the time to forgive the parts of the picture we find upsetting.  Everything that puts us out in any way, we simply need to let it be reversed in our emotional worlds.

We simply need to give it to the deepest part of us capable of the forgiveness that we desire. 

Just stay tuned into our desire to forgive and allow our minds to make space for the forgiveness process so that we can give it the energy and the willingness we need to let forgiveness work its magic.  

No matter how challenging the item we want to forgive, we do it anyway.  

Give it just enough willingness to allowing it to grow within us until the forgiveness is big enough to heal whatever we may be facing. 


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