ACIM Lesson 175

Lesson 175: Review: “God is but Love and therefore so am I.”  “I give the miracles I have received.”  “I am home.  Fear is the stranger here.”

The Course teaches us to be grateful for everything because every thing is the opportunity for a miracle. 

All that we see in the world is love or is a call for love.

Therefore, there is no moment we can not bless and be happy about because it all is getting us to God’s boundless and abundant Love. 

The miracle is the way we change our minds, when we have a shift in consciousness. 

It is a shift in energy.  The miracle is always upon us.  We see hurdles galore in the world, but it is nonetheless always the place where we readily find ourselves in the miracle as a result.

Our job is to play the part of choosing to show up to the world in a mind of miracle readiness.  

We learn to be prepared to bring the miracle if we are the ones that we see are- in the moment- temporarily more sane than anyone else there. 

Then, we are meant to be the ones who bring the miracle.  We get all the benefits when we feel that shift in consciousness.  We are the ones who feel the energy change.  We are the ones to do the Godly work- in bringing the miracle- because we understand that this is required where a shift in consciousness is needed.

We are training to have the mastery to make the clear decision that we can be the one to change the situation to one of Love when we bring God’s answer to that human dilemma. 

The Course encourages us to do this and we are always getting better at it because we bring our willingness to the practice.

God has a plan for us and that means we are called to carry out God’s purpose.

This necessarily entails healing the world and saving the world. 

The way we get God into the picture is to insert a miracle.  We bring our mind that is totally filled with God’s Love and we embody it and radiate it.  We show up, and even from simply doing this in the the situation with a mind of Love and erasing judgement, we can do all that truly needs to be done to save the people and situation.

Even if we don’t know exactly what actions to take in order to affect change, this is perfectly fine.

The Course says that what matters is that we bring Love.  

We  can pray and ask God for guidance about any physical step that is helpful to be applied but also know that the Love is all anything needs to be transformed and turned into a new direction.

The Course says that we get to be the bringers of miracles when God chooses for us to do so.

Some miracle workers are comfortable already in conversing with God and asking God simply if we are meant to engage in a particular situation in the act of bringing the miracle in the form of Love. 

Sometimes people notice subtle cues in the environment that provide information about what God is calling for.  Trust we all find our own unique way to get signals about when to bring the miracle.

Trust this is all perfectly orchestrated by God.  

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  1. Bob 8 years ago

    Miracle Readiness, you could teach a course in this.

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