ACIM Lesson 311

Lesson 311: “What is the Last Judgement?”  “I judge all things as I would have them be.”

The mind is a judging machine. 

We spit out an ongoing commentary about everything.  The ego gives everything meaning.  And the ego gives everything meaning with some ax to grind in each and every interpretation of what the ego perceives.  We go from place to place and situation to situation and we do the same thing.

We make everything our enemies because it is easier than forgiving and standing up for our own peace of mind and choosing God as our alternative.  

The mind makes everything a problem.  We are asked to simply tune into this and understand this ongoing habit of making problems left and right.  The issue is that we do it.

We as individuals make the nightmare we see because we are always getting locked in step with the ego’s insane judgement. 

The judgment seems so familiar because we forget to allow a different perception.

The Course says choose again. 

When we see insanity in the form of our own judging thoughts, release it all from our minds. 

The judging stops when we simply get to that place where we understand fully that we are the ones who create the ongoing judgment.

This judgment keeps us locked into the illusion because we see it as valid.

We have the option of remedying our minds and instead being committed to letting the judgements fall away from our thinking. 

The problem is that we are too busy making this commentary of judgement that we never stop to just act on our responsibility for the making of our minds available for emptiness instead. 

Into the emptiness, we can then bring an outpouring of God’s Love.

The Course reminds us that God is the only one with any capacity to evaluate because only He has ultimate knowledge and can accurately see things as they are. 

This is why we are asked to step out of this role as judger.  We are not the least bit qualified to do what God is specifically created for.

Our minds can ask the Holy Spirit for guidance but know, no matter how things look, judgment never serves our mind.  It just perpetuates our pain.

It is important for us to be as much as possible empty slates where we just take in information that has no prejudice. 

Just understand that our doing this is the method to peace of mind. 


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