Lesson 206 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lesson 206: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.” “Salvation of the world depends on me.”

The Course teaches us that there is no arrogance in our acknowledging our important role in the salvation of the world.  Our egos are used to having tantrums and acting as though we are completely full of ourselves to think that we have a role that actually supports everyone’s salvation.  Our egos are accustomed to making us the little insignificant one because the ego says that “only God has power, so it is entirely self promoting to make believe we have any contribution (some energetically) to the purpose of giving everyone the way out of hell- where there is no God- and out of the nightmare.  Our ego responds to our wish to feel good about ourselves with a quick reaction that this is a sick and reckless act.  Our egos just degrade us for being so presumptuous that we are worthy.  It is really terribly odd indeed.

What Jesus teaches us in the Course is that this attitude of being unworthy of a significant role in salvation of ourselves and the world is just a mistake.  This is where the ego batters us down until we can no longer stand up with our minds aright from the stress of hearing the ego’s insanity.  We can get just pummeled by the ego’s rant.  We have to deeply integrate the knowing that God’s opinion of us is only correct one, while the ego’s opinion has no merit or reality at all.  Our egos are always way off base to say the very least.

What is required for us to find our peaceful mind is to hear the words of God about how to describe us.  God tells it like it is.  Therefore, we have absolutely no way to argue with it.  We have to believe that this truth of God is the last word and only word about what is the truth.  When we take away the ego’s voice box then we just need to return this gesture with a feeling of God’s certainty.  When we take out the ego’s false notions, we must fill our minds up instead with God, knowing that God is the only voice that carries any reason or reality.  That is how we change our minds about ourselves.

We have to see our own selves as worthy of the part of the joining of energies as a way to heal our brothers and sisters in the Universe.  When we get out of the box that reads- not good enough- then we can start to simply understand that we can act in the world from a place of certainty where we know our true value.  Then we can do our part in whatever part of salvation God wills for us.  We simply need to understand how important is our role in simply aligning our minds with God’s truth.  This is the only step necessary to bring salvation for ourselves and our brothers and sisters.  We simply need to realize this is our true role in God’s plan for salvation.


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