Lesson 205 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, July 24, 2015

Lesson 205: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am not as God created me.” “I want the peace of God.”

All other peace is illusory.  We are used to hearing of the great laurels of the world.  We are aways pressured into thinking the world can offer us all kinds of things that the ego wants.  This false searching always puts us on an emotional roller coaster.   Our egos swell with hope and possibility and then crash with disappointment, despair and despondency.  We end up totally out of our sense of emotional sobriety.

This emotional sobriety- we have to be willing to have as our first priority and realize when we are not living in accordance with the principals by which we desire to live.  The emotional sobriety is when we see everything as a call for love and we live in the realm of forgiveness all the time.  When our hearts are gentle about the approach we take to interacting with others in the world, we definitely end up feeing quite good and our hearts are at peace.  This is the answer to every layer of grief we feel.  When we get lost in our perpetual highs and lows we end up completely losing our centers.

We have to be willing to do the work of being vigilant about watching our minds.  When we want peace, this is a great motivator, but in the end what we must realize is that we in fact are the sole people responsible for our individual peace. God gives us the curriculum  in the Course, and gives us an easy answer to the undoing of our mental despair.  This is the step that makes peace possible in any respect.  However, we also absolutely must do our part.  If we aren’t willing to take responsibility to put forth just a little willingness to show up and accept God’s plan then peace will be unmet.  We must make the effort to join in God’s Love, then all peace will be instantly and completely ours.

We don’t have to hope for the best.  We can be certain that God will give us the peace for which we so long.  We don’t have to hang on the edge of our seats and wonder how God will provide us with the peace we seek.  It is already ours with the simple tuning in.

We have to know here that the peace of God is absolutely different than the world’s peace.  The world thinks we can have peace from a donut.  The world likes to offer what it sees as some kind of high, but this is always short lived and not feeding us in both energetic and simultaneously aligned ways.  The world likes to keep us preoccupied in the dream of going round and round in circles in our minds, being preoccupied with a sense of an inner ride.  We think this roller coaster is going toward being peaceful, but peace is rather always absent from the crazy ideas and manifestations in the world.  We just have to see what is God given peace and how this is different than the world’s crazy plan for peace, which has no merit.


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