Lesson 204 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lesson 204: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.”  “The name of God is my inheritance.”

The Course reminds us that God’s abundance is our right.  We very often in our moments of feeling unworthy declare that we don’t deserve all the blessing and Love and abundance that God is entirely about.  We think we are not good enough for such an amazing life.  It is easier to believe the hard stuff.   We just forget because we are programmed to think ourselves as little as can be.  Our ego says we can’t be worthy of God.

On a good day, sometimes the ego can buy that we might be good enough for scraps or the scrapings of the bottom feed.  But when we think about the grandeur and glory of God, we realize we can’t even begin to figure out how to be so extraordinary- as a reflection of God.  Then our egos just give up and give into the game of believing and telling every one else that we aren’t worthy to receive the best.
This is the crazy dilemma the ego is always, always pressuring us into.  The ego says that God is so extraordinary- how can we possibly be associated even with someone so beyond measure?  The possibility of believing we are worthy enough to align ourselves with God and be graced with all of Gods’s Love and blessing simply seems so impossible.  We don’t even try because it seems too difficult for sure.

The amazing part of the Course is that this number one problem that every ego faces all throughout time- that we have the hardest time feeling worthy- finally the Course solves this.  The Course says that we don’t have to work our fingers to the bone trying to get God to love us so we can get into some incredible position as being the receivers of Gods’ eternal and unlimited favor.  We learn from Jesus in the Course that God never has a moment when God doesn’t deem us worthy of exactly what we want and need to live- being in perfect peace and perfectly served with all we need to live as optimally as possible.

We don’t have to do anything to get to this extraordinary state.  This is why this information frees us.  We don’t have to struggle to get to the mark of God- we just have to show up exactly as we are and then understand that we have always been worthy and will always be worthy because God says so.  We don’t have to convince our egos that we need to achieve some greatness before approaching God for this favor.  We are exactly ready for this favor now and always because God wills it.

We never need to argue with God because God is God.  This is why the Course is  brilliant- we now have no reason to argue that we are unworthy or get lost in the efforts to follow the world’s logic about how we can make ourselves be considered worthy.  All we have to do now is accept it as truth.  This is the only thing we ever need to do. We just need to shift our focus out of our ego’s working on “fixing” ourselves and instead focus wholly on the acceptance of our already being fixed.


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