Lesson 203 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lesson 203: Review: “I am not a body.  I am free.  For I am still as God created me.” “I call upon God’s name and my own.”

All we have to do is call upon God’s name and every temptation to make mistakes simply falls away.  When we live in the world, we are constantly  barraged with false gods that our ego likes to make mischief with.  This is the challenge of our adventures of being human.  We are always facing an extreme level of insanity in the world and we are easily convinced of its reality.  We can and do face this essentially every waking moment.  Because if the intensity and frequency of this energetic power of persuasion of the ego’s validity we will often and probably do often find ourselves locked into some force that is not God’s will.  We just give in to the amazing temptation to get out of synch with God because this seems nearly impossible to avoid.

We are all faced with this outmost temptation.  Doesn’t matter how long we have been at our individual practice of releasing this old pattern we have of forgetting God.  For many of us, we discover this is increasingly difficult to reshape our mentality and align it with God.  Therefore, let’s not beat ourselves up about it.  Let’s rather, forgive ourselves, forgive the picture and forgive everyone else.  Then let’s turn to the naming of God to recenter us in His Will and purpose alone.  Sometimes this can seem too simple as a true way to get back to our own center in line with God.  We can disregard this entirely because it seems like it has no power to heal.

The Course teaches us that we are absolutely the most fortunate of beings because God gives us an easy way back to His Love and purpose.  It is simple which is a huge plus- then we don’t have to struggle over the application of the practice.  The amazing thing is it is a small action but the name of God carries incredible power.  God is the entity with all the power we could ever hope for.  And everything about God carries this magnificent energy.  Thus all we have to do is be willing to say the words.  Words carry energy with them so when we say the word alone- God- we invoke the power of God’s energy because this is simply the law of God’s Universe.  We have to be willing to have faith about this.  Even if our egos are saying how fanciful it is to reach God simply through naming Him we simply must learn to have faith that this is the truth indeed.

When we are practicing our own faith in the context of the power about the naming of God, we must be willing to do our parts.  We have to willing to sit in the knowing that this is where our only real power lies.  We have to be willing to see that we are not internally bucking back at this truth.  We have to be willing to accept that God’s name is what will ultimately bring us peace through the comfort of invoking His name.  All we have to do is not be resistant to accepting this truth and then playing like this truth is baseless.


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