Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 80: “”Let me recognize my problems have been solved.”

This sentence is past tense. 

It is significant because it is a statement of having already accomplished something.  The ego’s plight is that it sees a problem and then stirs in some amount of anxiety- there is always this vague hope that it somehow may or may not get solved.  If we wander around our lives this way, then we will never have a moment of peace because we will always puzzle over what will become of us and our seeming dilemma.  When we have this nagging fear inside that we can’t imagine we will find a way to fix something, then we suffer because we are stuck in our fear.

This is always where we struggle if we get lost emotionally in the how to- when we are trying to resolve something.  When we question how to ever straighten out the problem, then we worry and we our egos inevitably make it an enormous problem.  Any left over problem to our ego is simply something the ego will chew over and stir infinitely in our minds because we have no definite way to even find the answer to the problem in the first place, much less fix that problem with ample degree of peace and enjoyment.

The Course teaches us to stay firm internally that our problems can be solved whatever they are because we embody, exude and apply the certainty of God to whatever seems to ail us .  We want to have faith that God is capable and willing to solve any challenge that we see within our inner landscape.  This is why we can be at peace because there is a way out of whatever we think is bothersome with God’s help.

The Course teaches us that our problems have already been solved.  Our internal picture needs to be one where we have total trust that God can solve any problem in the world’s picture.  This is because God is infinitely capable.  Then, within our spiritual structure, we want to have peace within there so we can function optimally.  Thus, what we need to do is stay firm that we have our problems already solved from our spiritual perspective.  Therefore, if we find the physical, worldly problem is not yet fixed that is ok in the grand scheme of things because God may be giving us a fresh and unknown yet reality so that we may learn new lessons or lessons we may not have expected.  Part of how we feel peace within is because we can sit and relax, enjoying our lives, when we remember that we have no reason to fear or doubt what we see in the situation before us.

God always has the most ideal plan possible- all we have to do is show up and engage where God directs us. 

However, in our spiritual view, we need to hold clearly in our minds that our problems are already solved. Because, the energy of our thinking matters totally.  There is never a time when our thinking and feeling does not send out all energy into the Universe.  We need to realize our energy can sit and rest when we simply carry with us the knowing in a certain way that our problems have been all solved.  The reason is because we want to experience our certainty within.

And when our minds and hearts are totally clear of all memory that there was ever a seeming problem, then we will energetically be totally healed.  When our minds have no question about how to resolve something or we have no worry that it will not happen a certain way, this is the way to get to true peace because no part of us is disturbed with notions of anything left undone.

Leaving issues undone is the time that the ego thrives- when we have inner chaos and attack and waves in the pool of God’s usually placid energy. 

This is when the ego has best chance to take over.

This is why we simply are asked to keep our minds clear so we can focus on God with a feeling of being whole and healthy.  When our minds latch onto anything that is not God, like some energy of unfinished business, this is a sure way to keep us sidetracked from the truth that all things that we give willingly to the altar of God for healing necessarily get returned to us perfectly resolved.

And since there is only one problem, that we thought we separated from God, and that in fact never happened, then we can affirm within that everything is right in God Mind.  

We just have to catch up on remembering that.


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