ACIM Lesson 68

 Lesson 68: “Love holds no grievances.”

The Course reminds us that we have this amazing capacity to love and extend love in God’s Kingdom because God so wills this. 

Our capacity to love comes from the fact that we come from God Who by His very nature creates. 

God is the reason we get to love.   But we are asked to look at what we are doing when we love. 

So easily, the ego butts in and insists in adding attack energy to love when we interact within love or with people.

The ego is quick and clandestine in the process of in sliding in that attack without our awareness.   The Course instructs us to really check out what we are doing.

We are asked to love always.

But, within that, when we are loving, we must look closely at the love and see if that love is tainted with attack energy.

We are just asked to be aware of it, to notice it and get right to it if we find it there.

We are asked to bring love with a whole intent of loving. 

We are asked to see if we are restricting in the process of extending love and allowing some attack to be there as well. 

The attack energy, of course, is not what we would ideally want- for sure.

But the worse option is if the attack energy is there and we are not brave enough to stand up, and simply ask it to leave our consciousness and leave our energy.

We have this way to heal ourselves and all the people we interact with, if we simply keep getting to a more honest and more clear place within where we share love with total surrender around the attack energy. 

We are asked to give the attack energy to God and the Holy Spirit and remember we just need to do that little part we have in the process.

We have this amazing capacity to get out of the nightmare and remember we never left God if are simply willing to listen to God and be willing to simply give God our focus.

The ego is always giving us a convincing story, and the ego wears us down, because the ego is always making us not want to be in touch with the grievances, remaining numb and paralyzed in the nightmare. 

God just gives us an immediate solution if we are willing to look at what is really going on. 

The immediateness of God’s help is all we need, and the potency of Gods’ strength and energy is all we need, when we are stuck in the process off letting our grievances go.


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