ACIM Lesson 82

Lesson 82: Review: “The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.”  “Let me not forget my function.”

This lesson says, “My forgiveness is the means by which the world is healed, together with myself.”  

The Course teaches us to heal our relationships with the world.  

The Course says that the world is not real, and that we are not meant to get attached to the world’s offerings or get overly invested or obsessive about the world.

We see that it isn’t real so that the world doesn’t bother us. 

If we allow the world to simply be for the purpose of teaching us how to love, then we get the true purpose of the world. 

We accept the world is not real in terms of particularly God’s purpose, but then, later we realize that the world- when we commit our minds to forgiveness- is a way to heal the world and make peace with our lives there.  

Our remembering the world is unreal, helps us to remove ourselves from being too invested in the happenings there.  This is a gift to ourselves for sure.

Also, another thing we can do is heal the world through our forgiveness.

The world is not strictly of God, the way heaven is, but we can also bring God’s Love to the world through forgiveness. 

This is the most healing thing we can do with all that we see in the out picturing of the world.

Forgiveness is the closest thing to purely God’s energy and love because forgiveness allows us to apply God’s Love to the world. 

The world appears to have much strife, but the good news is that we can bring forgiveness and allow the world to change into peace and love.

The world has plenty of scenarios that seem off-putting.  We get devastated by the world’s sadness and blame and guilt and suffering.  The Course teaches us that when we bring forgiveness to the world, then everything changes.

All the suffering that seemed to occur when we first investigated the world’s happenings just disappears when we apply forgiveness. 

The forgiveness allows us to carry the memory and the energy that the disturbance in question never happened in the first place. 

That means all of us stay rather then in a healing vibration. 

We don’t have part of us still suffering over the problem.

Any remembering of that suffering instantly disappears because it has gotten that potent dose of forgiveness that God teaches us to apply.

Forgiveness is always worth doing in every situation we find ourselves in the world.

The ego likes to judge the world and this happens instantaneously.

That inner grievance we have causes us to block the flow of God’s Love and healing energy. 

This is why we are asked to bring forgiveness with us.  When we do, then we automatically go back to knowing nothing ever happened that was wrong.  Nothing has injured us in any way when we give the Course’s forgiveness to the situation in which we find ourselves.

This is why this forgiveness works to heal, because it is the realignment of our connection with God, our Source. 

We are asked to do our forgiveness practice at each situation.

We keep forgiving ourselves and all others and the situation itself because we always find the ego making war with situations through our grudges, big or small. 

Just keep our practice of making forgiveness the one thing we never, ever forget to bring in our hearts and apply lavishly.


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