ACIM Lesson 156

Lesson 156: “I walk with God in perfect holiness.”

I think the most fundamental problem that people have is that we think we are not good enough. 

The Course says that the only problem we actually have is that we think we separated from God. 

But the reality is that this never happened in the first place and therefore, we can sit back and relax. 

We have no reason to feel guilty because this thought was an error in the first place.  But in the human experience we all seem to feel flawed in some base way.

The ego makes us feel like we are not worthy of love, and that we are not lovable. 

This to me appears to be the only real problem we have.

No matter what is happening in the outer experience in the world, the problem comes back to a simple problem with our low self esteem. 

If we get angry and fearful or agitated or sad or desperate, this is always an overlying problem emotionally. 

But no matter how we express those emotions on the outside, the truth is that on the inside, that sense of inner lack and inner struggle to feel good about ourselves is the true culprit in the equation.  

When we don’t feel lovable then the problem is we don’t act the part.

When we don’t feel full and happy and grateful for ourselves then it is incredibly difficult to bring the miracle to situations that appear to be a call for love. 

When we don’t have our own inner cup full, then nothing can come from us but a barren desert. 

Nothing like God’s Love pouring forth because we have none ourselves.

We can just enjoy the fact that we are lovable, and then carry miracles and a grateful heart with us as we go.

The Course solves this problem permanently in the idea that we are actually perfectly holy as God’s children. 

We are given the green light from God about how to give ourselves all of God’s messages- that we are completely worthy- because we are holy.  

This is for such a great reason.

We must identify with God and claim God’s identity since this is the only way we can accept that we are as worthy as God says we are.

The Course reminds us that God absolutely wants us to integrate into our consciousness that we are created of the exact same energy as God, and this is why we are just as holy as God. 

In the Course’s teaching, the idea that God is better than we are is totally thrown out the window.

The Course teaches that God is perfect and we are not because we are human and still believe in the dream in which we live, but we are made of the  same essence of God. 

This is why we just need to accept our holiness even if it seems more lofty than we may be used to thinking about ourselves.

God wants us to be completely liberated from that old suffering we have done over whether we will ever deem ourselves good enough in the ego’s opinion.

This is why the Course says, that holiness is our due. 

We all deserve to believe in our own holiness because it is true.

And we just need to let this sink in over time and allow our holiness to be the one thing that is the foundation of our self-worth.


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