ACIM Lesson 155

Lesson 155: “I will step back and let Him lead the way.”

The ego is pushy and demanding and insists on having everything to a T exactly as the ego wants it.

The ego’s drive for staying in control is a formidable force.

We seriously must take notice how all of us at times experience our ego’s.

We want to not downplay the significance of the ego’s determination about having all the power to do whatever the ego wants.  

The great news for us is that God is such an incredible and supreme power that the ego most certainly pales in comparison to the force of God’s Will.

The force of God’s will is unmatched, and therefore, even though the ego is pushy out of control, we never need to fret that God may be having a bad day and not performing up to the usual par. 

This most never definitely never happens because God is perfect.  Nothing else needs to be said about that.

Perfect doesn’t even actually have degrees because perfect is perfect.  This is the highest thing we can call God and it is true.  

This is why we can count on God to be able to carry through with what God promises.

We don’t have to hope for the best when it comes to the conveyance of God’s messages, and whether God will consistently treat us well, since this always holds perfectly steady and true because God is perfect. 

Therefore, we can trust God implicitly and this allows us to not question God or doubt if God is going to live up to His end of the bargain.

We can rest in certainty because we have gotten the news from the Course about the truth of how God is.

The problem is that the ego always pushes itself to the forefront because the ego likes to be a star and have everyone give the ego accolades.

We just need to be prepared that the ego has an insatiable desire to be on top and to be the one in control. 

We just need to see that the ego will try every trick in the book to keep us from realizing the ego is going to push its way to the center of our hearts and establish control.

God, on the other hand, is always gentle and delicate because God’s power is an energy of such elevation that it has power that the ego doesn’t understand. 

The ego’s power is always flimsy and based on falsehoods, and therefore, never actually powerful in the long term when we give it control.

The ego knows that it has nothing to offer in the long run, and this is specifically why it has made the effort to get so good at convincing us that it has power beyond what it actually does.

The ego needs something to get our attention and so it tells us stories of the power of its own drama and just gets good at this one thing.

God, on the other hand, has power that is from the Source.  God’s power is infinite because God is God.

We just need to trust that God is the only Entity we can trust.  The ego is just good at that one thing, convincing us to give it power.  Nothing else.

This is why God is trustworthy because God only does things that are aligned and honest. 

This is why we can trust God.

Our job is simply to know the difference. 

Our job is to get out of the way, even as forceful as is the ego’s apparent usurp of power. 

This is temporary and based on nothing.

God, however, is the one we want to give our willingness to follow, because God always gives us only what He truly promises, as well as the Kingdom of Heaven each moment of the ride.


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