Lesson 77 Laurie’s Reflections


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lesson 77: “I am entitled to miracles.”

The Course asks us to have a healthy sense of entitlement.  We are asked to accept that we are worthy of receiving miracles and every kind of benefit from God we could ever dream of.  We need to understand how important it is that we get up and get first in line to get the very best of what God has to offer in every situation.  Sometimes when we get laden with guilt, our ego starts to scream out, “how arrogant and self-absorbed we are to put ourselves in the position of receiving all good things.”

We need to check in with God and ask for support in just dropping the guilt- like it’s a hot potato. The guilt is just a distraction from our purpose for existing- which is to be the channel of miracles.  When we feel guilty for wanting the best for ourselves, we can shy away from getting in line at all.  Sometimes we let everyone else get all the miracles because our ego is prompting us to stay in the background and not be heard or seen.  This is when we are not living in fact because we are too anxious to engage with God’s gifts.  Our ego says accepting blessings is a way to take all the good stuff and leave everyone else with nothing.

We need to step back and remember that the real God’s Universe is abundant and full of all the miracles and plenty that we could ever wand and that other people could also want.  Therefore, we can all be first in line for the God’s blessing because we can all be first.  God is not living under the world’s rules.  We need to take this to heart.  And allow the guilt to fall away because it serves no purpose in God’s Universe.

When we understand that everyone is equally blessed with miracles then we don’t have to compete for them or try to get more than someone else.  This completely changes our relationship to miracles if we understand that all people are living with the same plenty from God.

When we see that everyone is equally blessed then being entitled becomes only fun.  It becomes this amazing adventure of accepting the blessing of miracles, instead of something we dread because of the stress of guilt and competition to try to stay at the top of the giving tree of God’s miracles.

We can thoroughly enjoy these shifts in consciousness as miracles.  We can know that they are our rightful gifts in the world, and they are constant.  They just keep happening in God’s world because there is never a moment that is not magical and containing the potential for the shift in mind-energy- the miracle.

Our ego’s can sometimes complain and say, “What good is a miracle if it is only a shift in consciousness?  I want a new car.  I want the car to be a miracle.”  I think that the shift in consciousness is one of the most spectacular experiences we could ever have.  Our egos’ are often very stuck in perpetuating the suffering.

Whereas when we accept the shift in consciousness to be one of forgiveness, acceptance, love and abundance, this gives us the experience of peace.  Nothing carries a sense of joy that is greater than a solid sense of peace and grace.  We are asked to simply understand our individual emotional make up.  Then we can celebrate this amazing transformation into miracle mindedness because it is the direct path to heaven.


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