ACIM Lesson 60

Lesson 60: “God is the Love in which I forgive.”  “God is the strength in which I trust.”  “There is nothing to fear.”  “God’s voice speaks to me all throughout the day.” “I am sustained by the Love of God.”

This lesson says, “God does not forgive because He has never condemned.” 

It is that simple. 

God loves us and proclaims our innocence innately, and thus, we are never judged by God.

God is always loving us infinitely and supports us each waking breath, and during each waking glimpse of consciousness, because God wants to give us all great things. 

Since God is our Father, He exerts every last effort to give us all that will benefit us, simply because He wants it that way.   

We are just the ones who forgot the miracle of our existence in God’s happy dream.   We just need to remember the miracle is real. 

We have God standing here with us, reminding us of His infinite Love, and therefore, we can just relax and enjoy the easy life.  

We forgot, and this is a mistake only. 

God never has a moment of thinking less of us because we forgot. 

Not a shed of problem comes from God-in terms of blaming us- when we forget.  

God always knows the illusion of the ego’s world seems real enough, and that we buy into it occasionally.  It is simply hard to resist. 

God is there with us, reminding us to take a peak into Heaven’s song, and trust that we are given all we need to get there, instantly, when we allow it to be so.    

The only problem that ever exists is when we settle for less that what God wants for us truly. 

We need to be willing to change our minds about it. 

God gives us permission to just get out of the stormy ego-land, that is full of pitfalls, and get out of our own ways. 

God wants us to enjoy ourselves and trust that our lives are meant to be miracles. 

God reminds us to stand up for ourselves and be willing to ask for more than mediocrity. 

We just learned to sell ourselves short, because it feels familiar.

But God invites us to elevate our minds and consciousness- to one that feels healthy and appropriate when we are as big as God wants us to be.

I love that God is the one telling us we are worthy of the effort of making miracles plentiful and worthy of all good things. 

This truth causes me a real pause in the situations at hand because I hear that God is the one declaring this truth.

Then, I work harder to realize it myself because God is the one who said it.  That helps be dramatically to decrease the gap in how much effort I will need to exert to realize this truth about myself.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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