ACIM Lesson 25

Lesson 25: “I do not know what anything is for.”  

We are invited here in this lesson and in the Course to open our minds. 

The ego loves to fix things. 

The ego is attached to control, and thus, the ego is always rigid in scope in every direction.  The ego tries to establish- with no restraint- its control over things. 

As long as the ego dictates how we think and feel, then, the ego feels like life is good and we are well. 

Our task is to learn to see the difference- from the ego’s status quo of the blahs. 

Numbness is always the ego’s medicine, when it is in power within us in the world, claiming that we are the ones winning when the ego does its thing.

The Course has only one objective- to simply allow us to see truly what is happening with our egos. 

It is not hard because it is just one thing, and so that is good news, but the ego will complain when we need to exert any amount of effort to keep the ego from running off wildly.

We have this story about the ego that is familiar because we have been living with our egos all of our lives. 

We can realize this with a simple suggestion that we want something better and different. 

This simple awareness is all we truly need to do to get us to God, and peace, and Love and forgiveness. 

It is definitely worth doing.  We just need to open our minds to the possibility there is another way to think.  

Not knowing what things are for is simply opens our minds to making peace with this information. 

When we don’t know what things are for, the egos will resist and rebel dramatically because the egos’ reason for being is to maintain itself.

Therefore, if we start to simply allow our minds to be open to not knowing, the ego will always lash out and try to keep this from happening through battles with us. 

The ego will spout out every reason we don’t want to rock the status quo or do anything that may lead us to God’s Light. 

The ego loves the bad stuff, being in excruciating pain, and keeping its own existence in check forever.

Thus, the ego will not want us to sit in the serenity of knowing that nothing in the world is real or has any meaning.

Think of how graceful and easy our existence would be if we were able to simply remember this truth about not knowing what anything means? 

We could then step lightly into those situations that are unknown, and even in the situations that seem to be knowing, in reality, no day is like another day.

All outcomes will be unknown, because they vary. Since all have their own character, we just realize this thoroughly. 

We are just in situations to be present, and have no agenda, which is the fundamental premise of the ego.  We could then be gentle inside when the world doesn’t look how we think we want it to.

The news that nothing in the world can be controlled would not invoke terror in us.  

We could show up every day to the world, and bless it for all that comes, instead of dreading it.  What a deal would our lives be then!

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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