Laurie’s Positive Points: The mystery is solved when we get to the miraculous present

Laurie’s Positive Points: “The mystery is solved when we get to that miraculous present.”

Staying in the present allows us to release our judgment about the past. 

When we carry the past with us, we make ourselves a victim and see the world through lenses of discord. 

The past is always where we have been judge, jury, and prosecutor. 

We make up the whole discordant thing because we thrive on the energetic, physical, and emotional drama and trauma.

We are asked to release the past to the Holy Spirit- in liberating ourselves from the ordeal. 

The past- we have boldly decided for ourselves to be of oppression. 

We argue we have no choice in the episode.  We think that since we are but losers in the picture, we are not capable of changing things in any way. 

We always do this dance with the ego and the past because it is the ego’s familiar tune.   We decided that the past rules over us and not us over it.

The present is fresh and new. 

We get attached to our particular version of the past and we carry it with us like a torch. 

We light everything in the scope of it because we like the rush of suffering. 

The only problem we ever have is that we are addicted to pain and are not willing to be light, free, and happy. 

We just have gotten out of practice of the lightness in the moment.

The present has no agenda with it.

 And this is always a bit tricky.  How do we show up in the present and truly open ourselves to all the possibilities there, without a strain of judgment from the past somewhere in the midst of our consciousness? 

This is a trick because we have to be available fully to experience the present, and behave in the present, but also we need to be with some knowledge of the past, the information we have collected in the past to help us function optimally in the present. 

This is a very fine line, and takes some practice in maneuvering around the information we collected in the past, while we are open to the present only. 

We just need to stay in the groove at figuring out where the lines are here that are most helpful for us to tread.  

We need to be open to making mistakes here but to know that this is part of the process, and the process is worth learning.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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