Lesson 78 Laurie’s Reflections


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lesson 78: “Let miracles replace all grievances.”

A grievance is a dark spot in our minds.  Grievances is when we are holding onto our resentment and hate over what someone did that our ego tells us is unforgivable.  The grievance is a block in the flow of love.  We have to understand the grievance is what we perpetuate when we are not willing to open up our minds for the miracle.  The grievance is something we suffer about extensively as it is our preventing piece in the process of obtaining peace.  The grievance is invariably something we find incredibly disturbing.  Yet, we often overlook it and make no effort to give it to God’s altar for transformation because it seems quite difficult to face and erase.

When we hold grievances it is simply because we perceive there is some problem about what happens in the world or about how we get treated.  Thus, judgement is always at the core of our carrying grievances because our ego believes its perception is correct and unchangeable.

We have to find the willingness within to surrender our grievances.  We have to tell our ego that it has to be willing to be wrong.  Once this opening is made energetically because we see our ego needed to get out of the way, then, it can step down from the place of control.  Finally, we are left simply with the need to make space wherever the grievance used to hide within our minds.

When we simply come to terms with the fact we are using grievances to prevent us from staying focused on our memory of God, then we can erase it permanently.  Then we have space within.  With this, God rushes in with miracles because we are ready for such a celebration of light that is in essence simply the miracle expressing itself through the awakening of our awareness.

God gives us miracles to use on earth to correct the errors we have made in judgement in the world.  The miracle stands for the shift in consciousness which is the deepest healing we can have in the world because for now we are still in time.  God is at our side and in our hearts but we are still living in the dream.  We are invited to make miracle-mindedness our steady walk forward each step of the path because the miracle reminds us simply that God never left us and that all is well.  Therefore, we venture forward in perfect peace at the Right Hand of God because there is no other place to be.


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