ACIM Lesson 185

Lesson 185: “I want the peace of God.”

We have the privilege of erasing any memory of guilt.  

The ego likes to possess God and deem God available for only a select few.  The ego believes in scarcity and therefore projects scarcity everywhere.  The ego always operates from lack and projects lack onto God because the ego likes to see itself in the world.

The ego tries to make God in its own image and the Course reminds us this is surely false.  

This lesson says, “How can you fail when you but ask for what He wills for you?”  And how could your request be limited to you alone?”  Jesus cares that we don’t walk around with a heavy burden on our shoulder.  When we feel guilty, then the flow of love is blocked and we are not able to feel the energy of God.  Guilt is a huge block to Love’s Presence.

Guilt occurs any time we compare ourselves with other people in any way. 

Automatically someone has to be the winner and loser so automatically we suffer with guilt for the part we play in this dynamic.

Jesus teaches us in the Course to be very careful about our perpetuating any feeling that isn’t love, but especially guilt because it is so evident in what we do.  Guilt seems to be the underlying feeling we have when the ego is talking.  I think guilt especially goes unnoticed because other feelings seem more apparent and therefore, we may face them more readily- not bury them deeply.  Guilt is something the ego is very skilled at hiding.

The Course’s way says that everyone is equally important and therefore, we are asked not to judge anyone for being unique or different. 

God’s plan says that everyone be loved and cherished exactly as they are.  We are learning to realize that no one is favored over anyone else.  The world may judge people but the Course makes clear that we want instead to honor people’s differences and respect each person’s way of manifesting God’s purpose.

We want to stop creating problems in the form of making other people bad.  The Course says God loves us all.  

We never have to worry that God may be impartial.  This is never the case.  The Course teaches that since we are equally valued amongst ourselves there is no need for guilt either.  We don’t have to lower our energy in the experience of our feeling guilty when we think God has it out for someone.  This is never the case.  We must let our guilt to be unreal.

The world is entirely predicated on making guilt real. 

The ego says guilt is inescapable in the world where God gives only sometimes.  The world falsely believes in this God who plays favorites.

Our task is to integrate into the inner recesses of our minds that guilt is an outdated feeling that no longer makes sense to feel.  

It has no purpose beyond making us miserable.  And it has no validity because the reasons we feel guilty are not the truth.  Remember that guilt is simply an outdated feeling.   It may have had validity in the world’s perception of how God does things in the past.

But since we now have a corrected version of Gods’s story, we simply must show up and make the move of changing this as a response.  

Guilt is an error as a response.  Our task is to realize how prevalent it is in the ego thinking and be clear with the ego this was simply a huge mistake in perceiving God’s way.

  1. Bob 8 years ago

    I finally realized what I feel most guilty about comma it has to do with the illusion Kama the dream. Once I realized that I’m stuck in an illusion or dream it is hard but if you go to admit it is on the wrong path. I feel guilty for being on the wrong path for so long.

  2. Author
    Laurie Prez 8 years ago

    I too think it is easy to feel under the influence of guilt for this specifically, especially that subtle guilt that just prevails through all of our thinking. I find that forgiveness in the Course’s terms is the only way to actually make a shift away from guilt. God is the only answer in the form of forgiveness. We are all in the illusion together and cool we can share tips about living in the illusion in ways that release our minds.

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