ACIM Lesson 169

Lesson 169: “By grace I live.  By grace I am released”

This lesson says, “Grace becomes inevitable instantly in those who have prepared a table where it can be gently laid and willingly received; an altar clean and holy for the gift.” 

All we need to do is connect with our willingness to receive God’s gift, and that is all we have to do. 

Our willingness is the powerful energy and intention that then gives God the green light.

This lets God just show up and give us all He has spoken of and promised.  

We don’t have to do anything if we don’t feel called to prepare in a particular way.

All we have to do is just want God’s love and our salvation in the form of God’s promise of the sustainability of our lovability.

We don’t have to do anything special in this process and that is our other gift from God as well.  

Since we don’t have to do anything special, that means we get all of God’s love and favor, just because God declares each and everyone of us as worthy.

The fact that we don’t need to do anything in particular to receive this gift means we can spend our time just resting and receiving and listening to God. 

We can be light and happy with no should’s in the situation. 

But the Course also reminds us, that we may want to simply honor the gift in the most profound way, because it is given by God- Who is outrageously wonderful. 

It is also exactly as each one of us might want.

Since it is guaranteed to make each one of us absolutely, ecstatically happy, then it makes sense that we might just want to participate in the process of our receiving because it is fun. 

The way we can participate and honor the gift is to just give space in our minds for the gift to live and flourish.  

We can make our minds empty and surrender all of our grievances and attack energy because these are all the blocks to love’s presence.

We can give this stuff up and release it promptly to God’ altar with forgiveness and gratitude.

We have total relief and our liberation from the attack energy.

We can make sure we put effort into this surrendering process because it will just help us to make space within.

When we have a moment of making space within, this is also an enthusiastic, loving invitation to God, to just come and demonstrate to us the way we want to be in our lives, through watching and emulating God’s example.


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