ACIM Lesson 344

Lesson 344: “What is a Miracle?”  “Today I learn the law of Love; that what I gave my brother is my gift to me.”

This lesson says, “Yet he whom I forgive will give me gifts beyond the worth of anything on the earth.” 

We are asked to pay close attention to the grievances we harbor.

We have the ego’s attachment to pain and the ego’s attachment to attack energy always playing a part in our existence.

We are asked to pay notice to the kinds of grievances we hold and give them some attention.

We want to acknowledge them for being part of us, but also completely willing to surrender them at God’s altar.  

Give all this energy to God because we can and this is the only way to get ourselves to an elevated place of inner peace. 

We have the gift of forgiveness that God gives us so we meet the world with an armor of kindness. 

When we see that we are holding grievances, this energy is always sharp- and with jagged edges- because it is in the form of the ego’s dark, difficult energy. 

We just need to see our grievances and make sure they get to speak.

  And then, we sit gently beside our grievances and we give them utmost respect and kindness. 

When we meet any attack energy of any kind, the best thing to do is to be totally gentle and easy with that attack energy.  

Giving grievances respect and kindness may seem contrary to how they appear to want for us to treat them. 

They may seem to want to pick a battle within us; it seems oddly contrary that we show up and bring them kindness.

We may not think of being kind because often the ego jumps right in with more attack, at least within our own minds, even if this is not verbalized. 

The reality is that the ego goes to war at the slightest little thing.

This is why we need to run right up to that attack energy and embrace it at least energetically.  

If we think we may be in harm from an physical assault in some way, we always want to protect ourselves and sit back until later. 

But when we are just facing our inner energy, this is the important time and opportunity to be light and respectful of that part of us complaining.  

Our kindness is the miracle cure to this kind of attack energy needs, because kindness is what we bring to the picture when we are open to forgiveness. 

Forgiveness- with a serious dose of kindness and respect- is the way to heal everything.


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