ACIM Lesson 251

“What is sin?” “I am in need of nothing but the truth.”

The search in our exterior world for some amount of satisfaction is always a fruitless endeavor. 

For most of our lives, we focus on getting more desired goods in the world because this is how the ego appears to be happy. 

Sometimes doing anything else is impossible because the ego’s drive to get exactly what it wants always leaves us completely empty.

The search of the ego always lands us in the worst situations because we never truly get happy.

Whenever we find things that seem to fill our minds or lives, the reality is that this is all short lived and has no amount of substance that fulfills us beyond the moment. 

The Course reminds us that we have the truth right at our fingertips. 

We are absolutely, totally in the midst of the truth and it is happening now and it makes us feel so good. 

When we look for God, it is a totally different experience. 

God’s energy always leaves us feeling fresh, new, and also comfortable, and familiar, because God’s will and potent energy is always within us.

We just need to realize this is true.

We just need to realize that the ego’s agenda to find happiness in the world never turns out like the happy dream we truly want at our deepest core. 

We need to realize that we want true joy and peace in a very light and sweet way and this is coming strictly from God. 

The world is a place where we can lose ourselves for hours in the projected misery in our minds that we see outside of us what appears to be the nightmare.

We can just sit and try to fix the picture of the dream we see  because it seems to be the thing that will improve the suffering. 

This always returns- into more misery, as the Course says, you can’t change something from the same energy that it originates from in the first place. 

That means fixing the world with the ego’s strife is not something we can do without God. 

The only way to heal it is to forgive it and accept it and love it and appreciate it with a big, happy, light heart. 

This is the way we bring God to the world and heal it, but we can’t do it unless we bring God to it first, and remember what is the true healing.

The Course reminds us that our healing is the true purpose of our coming to be here embodied in the world.

We are meant to use forgiveness to get us right up to that gate of God that we embrace when we simply bring the miracle of forgiveness to the world’s shallowness and the world’s insistence that the illusion is real. 


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