Monday, January 11, 2016

Lesson 11: “My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.” 

The world is a place that is truly the ego’s seat.  The ego thinks we got separated from God in a tiny little mad idea we had that says that there is some way we could be separate from God.  The Course says that this belief is a total error.  There is no way that we could be separate from God and there is no way that we ever fall from grace with God, ending up with some energetic block between us and God.

The Course says the world came into being when we made a world of form that is actually false. But we just fell to sleep and dreamt we were in this illusory world where God doesn’t and can’t reach us.  This of course is false because if God is supremely powerful He would definitely be able to go anywhere and do anything.  Since God is unlimited there is no way we could have some idea of the world that is apart from God.

It helps us in the Course just to understand from what the world comes.  The world is deemed a form that was created in the mistaken belief that there is anything other than God out there.  The world is in time and thus it is not inherently of God because it is not perfect.  This is why we are learning to get out of thinking our false beliefs that the world is anything but a wrong story we made when we got confused.  We accidentally confused what our ego and how form came to be.

This means we have to just hold the world at an arm’s distance.  We can be in the world but not get overly attached and emotionally charged about what happens there.  The Course says that we need to come to terms with the fact that the world is not real.  This is so we can not be upset over things that happen in the world.  Our peace and joy rests on whether we make the world real and have meaning.  When we do we feel completely insane because we don’t feel at ease internally.

The Course says that the world is meaningless and the reason it is is because it is not inherently of God.  This is why we think of it as meaninglessness.  This takes the pressure off of our ego minds to try to interpret the world.  The ego jumps to judgement and conclusions about the happenings in the world.  We are learning in the Course that this ego thought all ends up being wrong.  Then we get upset about it because we give it the power to affect us emotionally.  What the Course says is the way to peace is to see since our thoughts are meaningless, then we don’t sit and ponder over them at length.  We don’t want to examine beyond an appropriate length.  We don’t obsess over our thinking. When we commit to delicately examining our thoughts and excusing them out away from the forefront of our minds, then we end up feeling light.  The thoughts feel lighter when we allow them to mean nothing.

When we see thoughts as meaningless then they cease to cause us pain.  This mental practice allows us to come to a place where we simply hold a question about our thoughts in our minds.  The ego is quick to determine and define everything.  The ego likes to hold fast to its belief it is right.  This is what it energetically lives for- to believe it has control over what we think and do.
Jesus here teaches us to question our thoughts.  When we allow them to be meaningless, it means we hold them with space around them.  We don’t try to get them to be a certain way.  We instead accept them as they are.  We let go of our egos’ need to control because we let them have a question mark within them as we see them as meaningless.  This is the key to unlocking this ego addiction to control.


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