Lesson 10 Laurie’s Reflections

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lesson 10: “My thoughts do not mean anything.”

The Course is teaching us to undo what we already think.  We want to undo them so that we can erase them from our minds so they have no lasting effect except for a sense of fulfillment.  Then we allow them to be entirely erased from our minds.  We want to let them cease to exist like they never happened.  We want to feel not attached to them.  We see them, gather information from them but then we don’t jump on the judgment bandwagon.  We simply- without a lot of emotional charge- give them back to God.

This is the only way to a sense of consistent peace.  We just need to give them to God and make them have little impact on our minds and whole selves.  The Course teaches us that our thoughts are meaningless.  It isn’t as if they have reality and so we are justified in judging them.  When we judge our peace of mind and light happy heart is totally dashed.  When we judge- no matter who it is we are judging it doesn’t matter- we are the only one that suffers.  Judgement begins the cycle of attack between ourselves and the other.  Further, the attack thought, when we believe it’s real, we let it truly seem to injure our mind and energy and heart space.
This is why the Course says that our thoughts are meaningless.  When we stop making our thoughts credible and definite then we can simply with much less effort as we have no attachment, release them back to the plan of God.  This is why we learn in the Course very specifically that thoughts are meaningless.  We want to negate our previous insistence on our thoughts having reality.  When we let them be meaningless then we let go of our clinging to them for dear life.  We can quietly release them without a battle within because we are still grabbing hold of them.  When we make them meaningless, we stop clinging to what we think they are.  We can allow them to be undone because we see that they contain no substantive truth.

This lesson says, “This idea will help me to release me from all that I now believe.”  This thought is quite helpful in giving our minds space.  The Course says when we empty our minds then we can instead fill that empty space with thoughts of God.  We want to instead fill our minds with Love and all that comes from Love, like forgiveness and light and joy.  We want to do this because this choice we make about what to fill our minds with when we make clear and conscious decisions is the only route to get to true inner harmony and happiness.  The only way to live in the light is to consciously fill our minds with the lightness that is the essence of God and our Universal mother and whatever deities with whom we feel connected.  This is the only way to get to the joy that all people long for, whether consciously or unconsciously.
The Course says this is the only way to get to this most cherished state for all of us internally.  It does come with the practice initially of getting our minds clear of the stuff that no longer serves us.  The ego is a master at collecting stories and living out the past perpetually and making us seem like we can’t escape the victim role.  We have an extensive list of blocks within us.  It seems like the easy thing to do to let the ego keep us focused on the inner and outer drama.  What the Course says is just have increased awareness about the inner workings of our minds.  We have the best ever formula here to at last give back all those blocks to Love’s presence and be willing and open to receive the perfect answer of God’s messages and energy to fill our minds instead.  This is the way to get out of our nightmares.


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