ACIM Lesson 269

Lesson 269: “What is a Body?”  “My sight goes forth to look upon Christ’s face.” 

This lesson says, “Made to be fearful, must the body serve the purpose given it.”

We learn in the Course that we are the sole ones who are credited for creating our lives. 

Our thoughts are always working, in some way they bring energy to the earth and create form, manifested from our thinking.

We are also used to thinking we have no power in the situation, but the reality is that we sure do.  The body is simply part of the human experience where we collect our energetic thought and we transform it into form, in the form of our bodies.

This means our bodies can be a happy part of our lives or a part of that nightmare depending on how we see them.  

When we show up with fear, the body will also be some fearful manifestation.  We can give our bodies a whole other purpose.  When we make sure we prevent the bodies from being inundated with fear, and then manifesting some fear situation in the world, we can do something totally different.

We can be clear that we are giving our bodies to God’s purpose of love instead, and this changes everything. 

The purpose of God is whatever unique role God has set out for us, to be able to create miracles in the world in whatever Holy Spirit driven actions that we are meant to take. 

We can bring miracles through our bodies because we have this extraordinary gift of our amazing living vessel that just needs a plug put into it to work. 

The body needs God or the ego to function and that plug we insert within ourselves allows us to be either God driven which is peaceful and light, or ego driven, which is a mess for sure. 

We get to choose which we prefer.


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