ACIM Lesson 270

Lesson 270: “What is the Body?”  “I will not use the body’s eyes today.”

This lesson says, “Father, Christ’s vision is Your gift to me and it has the power to translate all that the body’s eyes behold into the sight of the forgiven world.” 

We are learning to see the world as one where forgiveness happens readily and we bring love with us everywhere.

We offer miracles to any person or situation that has temporarily forgotten love and become downtrodden about things. 

 We learn to just let our role in the world to be simple and strait forward.

We bring love and don’t care or  worry about the details so much. 

When we give our minds and hearts to the purpose of God, then, when we get to the world and it looks different than we thought it would, we can simply do a little breath. 

We breathe and surrender our judgment on the out breath.

We must make this a constant practice, just keep showing up with no agenda and give our hearts with gusto and enthusiasm in whatever role God has chosen for us.  

We are just instruments for peace.

We are not asked to make anything look any certain way, but  to rather get out of the way as much as humanly possible. 

We can when we are willing.

We get to be a vessel for God’s love, and that means we want to just be open and give God permission to fill our energetic hearts and selves. 

Then, this energy overflows within and all around us.  We are the simple instruments, and we have every reason to enjoy the ride in which we find ourselves.

We must just give our minds over to God’s lightness with a very gentle smile and a God-centered focus.

  When we bring ourselves to the world, we know that our miracles heal the masses, when we just remember to be present in the moment when we arrive wherever.

Just remember that Christ is all of us and it is the Godly essence we all share communally.  

We are given this perfect right to see correctly.  

This is our gift to ourselves and to the world.

We just need to appreciate that we are given the gift of God’s presence and forgiveness within us that we can share with the world.

Christ’s vision is that part of us that is united with God where we join God in Will and purpose, and then be able to see clearly because we are in God’s high vibration.

What makes us truly happy and functional is when we remember to use this vision to help teach us how to function in the world in a way that is both God-centered and allows us to see clearly so we can accurately meet the world with what we see.


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