ACIM Lesson 268

Lesson 268: “What is the Body?”  “Let all things be exactly as they are.”

This lesson says, “Let me not attempt to interfere with Your creation and distort it into sickly forms.” 

I love that Jesus says here very specifically that we would simply -attempt- to interfere with God’s creation.

We are not capable of doing anything that God has not planned and willed because we are not even a hint of the strength and potency of God’s energy. 

God has the power to create and create exactly as He wills because He so desires.

We are not as evolved at this point as God, and, therefore, we are yet to have the same incredible power to create as God. 

We simply need to appreciate that our energy is still lacking because we are in a body and believe we are lacking.  This means God is capable of what we are not yet, because we are not yet practiced enough at remembering we never left our identification with God.  Also, we share the same essence since we are all heirs to God’s perfect essence.

The Course reminds us here that God is capable of creating what is meant to be and we are not yet.

But, also, that what God created would not ever change because of anything we did in our human or ego self. 

God is perfect and that means God never changes. 

Therefore, God can absolutely be counted on by us or other people, to simply stay in the same energetic frequency and have whatever manifestation this brings, because God stays the same.

This means that we can trust that even in our moments of insanity, when we might have beliefs contrary to God’s energy and purpose, and we may have moments of resisting God’s plan, and possibly doing something inappropriate because we are stuck momentarily.

It is ok if insanity comes and leads us to behave in ways that don’t make us feel good, and are opposite to those when we are attuned with God. 

Perhaps, we lose ourselves in judgement or get attached to and obsessed with the chocolate we love.  

We all have blocks that make us act out.

Just remember that no matter how low we may stoop energetically, and sometimes for a good long while, the reality is that our attempt to shake the consistency and perfection and eternal nature of God always goes entirely undone. 

We can attempt all we want, and sometimes really are far gone in our self destruction internally or externally, but nothing can shake God’s perfect love and perfect parental consistency.

 God’s offers us His unshakable love God and fills us with it every day, because our attempt never goes realized.


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