ACIM Lesson 7

Lesson 7: ”I see only the past.”

This lesson says, “What do you know about the cup except what you  learned in the past?”

This lesson spells out how deeply ingrained are the past thoughts we think about the world.

In order to understand any thing at all in the world, we have to in some way rely on past thoughts to give us a clue about whatever it is we are interested in in the moment.

The Course just simply wants us to understand how much we rely on what we learned in the past to function in the world with our human lives. 

We are all using the past as our guide.

The minute we learn something, then immediately, our thoughts are designated to the past, and so truly, we have to forgive the fact that we need to use the world to some degree so that we can adequately function. 

Know that this is just the nature of how it is to be human so love ourselves anyway even though we use the past to help us gain information.

The Course is giving us the clarity about how much we rely on the past for what we learned there, to simply wake us up. 

We all get so invested in what the past says or how we can use it to interpret the present.  We have to appreciate that the past is useful to some degree because we use it to give us information.

We ideally want to evaluate what we see, and then, we don’t get mired in that old habit of making the past our enemy.

We are using the past to help us to function to some degree, but we are asked in the Course to simply hold onto this information much more delicately and lightly. 

We want to not make the past so strong in our minds in how we experience it, that we end up bringing more of the same situations to the present that we had in the past. 

We are asked to just not get overly focused on the past as that determiner of what we think happened.

We want to take all that happened and view this gently without putting emphasis on the past and what we learned there.

We are asked to accept all information we learned with a very gentle touch.  We use it for information gathering, but not for the deciding what things are- especially with a dark and contracted ego-vision  of things.

The past is something we can all use- with a little bit of balance. 

We see what happened there with a slight focus on it.  We are asked to not see ourselves the past about any amount of decisiveness.

We are asked to give the past to God for healing.

And just remember to pay attention to not getting ourselves hooked on making the past so important to us in the way we define things.

Let them be undefined as much as we can in the moment. 

When we see the past, don’t let the ego design the present from a projection of the past.  Just allow dealing with the past to be something we are light about.

This may be the hardest thing but we just let the past be something that we deal with in a proactive way. 

We love the past and we forgive it and we allow it to be healed in God’s vision. 


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