ACIM Lesson 8

Lesson 8: “My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.”

This  lesson says, ”The one wholly true thought one can hold about the past is that it is not here…  Very few have realized what is actually entailed in picturing the past or anticipating the future.” 

This is why we learn that what we are actually thinking about when we think of the past is that it is not really there.

It is a blank because it is not part of the present which is now.  The reason we can’t figure out how to think about it is because our minds are blank in the process.

Because they are blank, then this is why the past does not really exist.  

It is just something we have to deal with sometimes but understand that we must let God fill in the blank of what the past is.

We want to give God the permission to make the picture how we want it.  We give God the right to show us the way we most want.

We just need to remember to let God in and allow the Holy Spirit to give us guidance when we feel lost.

The Course reminds us that all the things we see in the world are simply the out picturing of our thinking.  We project our minds into the world, and we manifest form there in this process.  This is the best way to get to know how we are truly thinking.

We can trust the picture we see to be an out picturing of our minds.

Therefore, we just need to heal ourselves whenever we get stuck.

We all have moments when we feel lost in our lives and don’t know how to heal and gain momentum to remedy our troubles.

The Course reminds us the most amazing gift we have is the world because it reflects specifically parts of our own issues. 

We are asked to come to our own minds first, and always include ourselves in the forgiveness process when we come to the world and see a situation that looks like a call for love.  

The world shows us ourselves.

We just need to be willing to listen to all the drama and challenge we see and give it our full attention, so that we give it space within us to heal ourselves. 

This lesson gives us the permission to establish that we are wrong about how we see the world. 

We have all kinds of judgements about the past and we have a very specific view of how we want to see the past.

The Course gives us the instruction just to see it all.

See what we are doing and be willing to just bring these thought patterns to our consciousness. 

We are so numb with our ego existence. 

We miss everything because we are busy being busy in our lives.

We settle for being numb because it is familiar.

The Course is giving us the green light to ask for more from ourselves, so that we make the necessary effort to heal that old belief we have in the illusion’s being unstoppable.

Thank goodness we are listening to our wake up call.


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