ACIM Lesson 62

Lesson 62: “Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.”

This lesson says, “Forgiveness is the demonstration that you are the light of the world.” 

We are learning what it means to be the ones who are empowered fully to create the lives for ourselves that we truly want. 

The Course says we are all the light of the world.

We are all equally endowed with God’s energy and Love. 

This is the light of the world that we can see and experience.

We are learning how we play our parts in bringing this light into action so that this light can be used and truly manifested into form here. 

Our amazing gift is that we all have a purpose. 

We all get to share light with the masses- this is our own definitely- as well as everyone else’s.

We share the light together because this is what reminds us that we are united with our brothers and sisters and with God. 

The harmony in this union feeds our minds and hearts dramatically.

We are the light of the world- of this we can be certain- because God says so.  But how do we bring it all the time?  We have this amazing gift of forgiveness that we can bring specifically to all people of all cultures and races.

Forgiveness goes beyond any category we may think separates us from other people. 

Forgiveness is the one thing all people understand and all people can share with each other to heal any personal credence in our rifts.

Forgiveness is what the Course gives us that totally changes everything, because it brings about a shift in energy as well as a reconnection to the shared Love of God that we feel with the other people involved in the picture of our drama.

Forgiveness gives us the feeling that we let go and gratefully release our old resentments.

We give all of our attack thoughts to God’s altar in the act of forgiveness because we can give ourselves something much greater instead of clinging to the attack energy.

We can have the experience and lightness of God’s Love instead of terrible feelings of rage and distress.

The Course says that we are the demonstration of forgiveness that we are the light of the world.

The idea that we are a demonstration simply means we get to be the ones who bring forgiveness to the world because it is our privilege to take this action and attitude.

We also get to be the ones to give forgiveness to all the people who want and need it because we are given the task of feeding the masses.

Furthermore, we make the act of forgiving the blessing that heals us as well in the process of our forgiveness.

The Course says we all get to play an important part because we are given the role of being in miracle-readiness, which is needed to get us to the place where we bring forgiveness.



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