Laurie’s Reflections

Lesson 56: Review: “My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.”  “Above all else I want to see.”  “Above all else I want to see differently.”  “God is in everything I see.”  “God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.”

We are learning how to be in our own personal journey with God.  God says that no one is special in God’s eyes and God doesn’t favor anyone- making any certain person’s life better than another.  God chooses everyone and so we all are equally blessed.  We can rest assured that we will not find ourselves in a position where we are trying to find God because God removed Himself from our reach.  God is always available for me specifically and you specifically and all others.  This is why we are guaranteed that God loves us and makes all the appropriate effort that needs to happen in the Universe for us to get exactly what we need.

God is always our number one ally and He is everyone’s number one ally.  This means that we are sure that God will come through when we call upon Him to bring us peace and abundance in all ways that are for our highest good.   This is a relief for sure.  This allows us to go about our business in life not anxious because we know that God is with us always.  However, we are asked to play our part in God’s plan.  We are asked to contribute to the world in whatever the Holy Spirit deems is a good selection of activities for our personal journey while we are earthbound.   We may be called by our higher selves to participate in the saving of the world while we bring miracles to the insane world of illusion in the life strategy we take.  We are called to show up and participate in the salvation of ourselves and the salvation of the world just through choosing to extend God’s energy and light- this is Love.  We don’t have to do anything except stay in our choosing mind of light.  We don’t have to do anything in particular if we feel called to not.

What we want to do if we want to live the Happy Dream on earth is get excited about how we can do our part of being light and living in light through changing our intention and changing our prospective.  We want to make our relationship with God a personal one.  We are not better and more worthy than any other human but we all have our role to play in the plan of God’s.  What we want to do is just learn what this is.  We want to take the time or attention

to look within and converse with God about what we are best suited to do in the world,

and then do our particular activity that seems and feels appropriate for us to do.

But also, we are in need of learning that

our relationship with God is personal to us

and to no other.  Even though we are all equal and God doesn’t prefer anyone more than we are loved, God still has a very particular type of relationship to have just with us.  This is the gift of our intimacy with God.  This is beautiful because this intimacy allows us to feel safe with God and it enables us a conversation platform with God- where we can listen to God and show ourselves to God and know that God loves us as we are.  God can also show us what we are meant to do in our human life to honor ourselves and all those with whom we communicate.  This intimacy with God means that we are always in conversation with God.

This personal relationship we have with God is unique to us.   We also surrender this intimacy with God to God so we never lose sight of how all people have their own intimate relationship with God.  Not all people are aware of that, but all people have this relationship with our individual sense of Higher Self.  This is the reason we want to celebrate this because it is this tremendous gift to make the quality of our lives beyond words.  And we also want to be thrilled that all others are equally blessed.  We must continue to maintain our perspective that everyone is equally blessed by God.  Then, we are able to stay in touch with this information and we never have to sit in resentment or anger or fear that they might get more than we.  When we don’t hold this in our minds that God loves us all equally, we will end up with our own emotional roller coaster over our awareness about this.  When this emotional drama occurs within us we lose the

emotional balance

within, and this definitely disturbs our certainty and peace.


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