ACIM Lesson 356

Lesson 356: “What am I?”  “Sickness is but another name for sin.  Healing is another name for God.  The miracle is thus a call to Him.”

One of the most important tenets of the Course is that it says that we never have sinned. 

When we believe we sin, then we think we are worthy of being punished.   The Course says that this belief that humans often cling to is false and a huge error.

The Course teaches us that God declares once and for all that we never have done anything so grave as sin. 

This is because God says we are lovable as we are.  

The fact that we have not sinned totally changes our perspective. 

Then we don’t have to feel guilty about sinning and our minds are free to identify with our true nature which is the essence of God’s Love- that we share with Him.

When we feel badly for sinning, then our peace of mind is totally rocked. 

Then, emotionally, we feel like we are to blame for not being worthy.

Furthermore, it means emotionally we believe we have scarcity within us because we can’t connect with the flow of God’s Love.

When we believe that our sinning could even be possible, then we lose our sense of certainty because we start to doubt the power of God that is meant be strong enough to sustain us. 

Our belief is the key thing. 

When we believe that we can be in error, then we allow a possibility of vulnerability within and then, it soaks right through us. 

That means emotionally, physically and energetically we will feel that we are not safe because we are not tuned into the flow of God’s Love.  We forget we are worthy of being in it.

The Course says that sickness happens as a result when we believe it is possible we could sin.

When we feel the vulnerability that comes when we are engaged in the ego’s belief system and do it on a regular basis, the Course says that this makes us susceptible to sickness.

This is why it matters to feel God’s certainty at all times and not settle for doing any less.

This is the way to ground us in our feeling safe and powerful.  

The Course reminds us that sickness happens only in our minds and that we have the power to change this when we remember there is no way we have the capacity of sinning.

When we identify with our sinlessness, we feel empowered and the likelihood is much greater that we will also be healthy as well because in time all energy, thoughts and feelings become form eventually.  

There is not always a direct correlation here.

We may not understand the fact that we subconsciously sabotage our great health by thinking thoughts and feeling feelings that we are not worthy of being loved. 

We have to always forgive this about ourselves and not blame ourselves when we get sick.

We are invited to simply use this information the Course is teaching to simply help us feel empowered and determined when we get sick to simply look at what our minds are doing in the application of our remedies for sickness. 

We are asked to look to our minds first.


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