ACIM Lesson 357

Lesson 357: “Truth answers every call we make to God, responding first with miracles, and then returning unto us to be itself.”

The miracle is meant to happen as a regular occurrence.

Our task is to give the world our miracle-mindedness at each new and well-known experience.

We must remember that everything can be about Love and God wants us to be thinking about sharing Love, which is the miracle, before we do anything else. 

We must form the habit of making the miracle our way of being.  We get to learn how to love bringing Love through the miracle.  This is the sure end to any suffering or distress we might feel.

Just appreciate how simple the miracle is. 

We are asked to make Love our primary force in our minds and hearts and allow all the other extraneous stuff to be put to the sidelines. 

Nothing matters except that we remember we are blessed to bring Love.  Doing so makes us feel great, no matter what else may be happening.  When we share Love it goes right through us.

That means we have the benefit of experiencing the Love that we extend from our minds and hearts. 

That is why miracles are our gifts to ourselves.

When we offer miracles we just need to get out of the way. 

When we see a call for Love in the world’s circumstances, we often jump to judge this and sometimes when it needs Love it may seem like a serious problem.

We may think it looks like something that needs to be fixed. 

Our egos are especially fond of trying to control everything and make life look like the ego’s vision.  That is why we often decide that we must make some active change in the situation that is a call for Love.

The miracle is a little tricky in the simple fact that we are asked to bring Love, but nothing else. 

When we bring Love, in the form of a miracle, we bring our warm hearts and we bless all we encounter there.

But then we don’t let the ego try to make manipulative steps to try to make the situation appear different. 

We are asked to let God do all the handiwork. 

We don’t do anything but bring love with a grateful and peaceful heart.  We forgive what we see, and forgive our egos for wanting to get involved with making it look different.

The Course reminds us that God is the only one Who knows how things are supposed to happen there.  Thus, we are asked to stand back and do nothing at all but listen to God’s prompts. 

If the Holy Spirit gives us the guidance to take action steps to change things in the worldly picture, then we gently join with others who can help us to make this change in the world, but with a serene heart. 

We are asked to be very clear in our own minds about who is guiding us.

We simply know from practice in living when we are listening to God and when we are letting the ego call the day’s events.  

Just take great care when we bring the miracle to let God’s be the only voice in our minds.


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