ACIM Lesson 111

Lesson 111: Review: “Miracles are seen in light.”  “Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.”  

The Course reminds us that it is our wonderful opportunity to bring miracles to the world where love appears to be lacking and a potent dose of God’s love will heal all that may appear unwell there. 

We are invited to bring miracles when we see something that we think needs more love in the situation. A miracle is a shift in consciousness and it is sorely needed in the world where the ego generally abounds.

The shift in consciousness is needed for anyone in the situation and everyone in the situation.  Even ourselves.  

Everyone needs love and we are learning to remember to see situations that call for love without judging them as bad or wrong.  

If we can go with a neutral heart, this is the best way to bring love because we are not engaging in any attack energy within ourselves, and, therefore, blocking our own flow of love with grievances. 

Part of how we heal the world when we bring a miracle is because in the process, we bring the miracle through us ,and then we as well benefit from the miracle, just as all those in the situation who appear to need more love.

There is no lack in miracle energy and this is why there is no lack when we give the miracle away. 

Then, the other person gets showered with love and that love goes right through us so we get a dose of God’s love as well. 

This is why giving the miracle away never costs us in any way because it is from the energy of God which is ever plentiful and never falls into ruin or scarcity.

A miracle is our opportunity to heal the world and it always works, because the essence of the miracle is God’s love.

God’s love and power is infinite, and therefore, we can trust the supreme nature of God to be exactly as God said He will be.

This is why the miracle always works to heal even if we don’t see it straight away in the physical manifestation of the circumstance changing in any way. 

It may or may not, but we can trust that the situation has been healed because we brought the memory and energy of God with us in bringing the miracle.  

The energy of God heals without fail and so we can trust God to carry through on healing things however necessary.

We just need to trust the picture and grow our own faith because our simple knowing that things are healed and perfect as they are allows us to see the present as one we want to be in.

That means not trying to avoid it in any way because we think something needs to be healed that is not currently healed.

One thing we want to just watch about ourselves is that we don’t actively decide to bring the miracle in a situation. 

This predetermination of which miracle to do and which to not do is an ego invention.

Anytime we allow the ego to make this determination, it is always with our spiritual ego, that part of us that is feigning the part of being healer, but the truth is that it all comes from the ego’s agenda not from God. 

Our job is to get the ego out of the way, in the most clear and concise manner, getting the ego out of that place of control.  

 We rather want to just notice the prompts that we get from the Holy Spirit about what we are meant to do. 

This communication from the Holy Spirit is always happening, we may yet not realize how to notice this, but trust we will learn.

Just appreciate that the Holy Spirit has a delicate message and just offers us a gentle push into whatever the situation needs changing that we are meant to do. 

When the Holy Spirit says stop and do something, then we do it.  We listen carefully and then respond when called.

But we just need to make sure we wait for the message of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t let the ego supersede the holy messages within and block them from our awareness. 

This is the spiritual ego.

Back off when we have that ego pull to make the miracle; it is misguided.


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