ACIM Lesson 344

Lesson 344: “What is a Miracle?”  “Today I learn the law of love; that what I give my brother is my gift to me.”

When we give Love a boundary, it expands. 

It gets larger and more potent.  Love is perfect and all-encompassing.  Therefore, Love necessarily includes everything.  God’s Love has all within it and therefore we don’t have to section out various parts of it, like laws, and make them special.  Something- like the laws of Love- are all part of the whole of God.  However, the laws help us define Love.

Laws remind us that there are some things that we can always count on in terms of how Love behaves in the world. 

These are something we can count on all the time because they are always true.

When we understand the boundaries or laws of love well, then we can sufficiently operate around and within that Love. 

We can have a balanced relationship with God’s Love when we know how it will behave in each instance we find ourselves.  When we know we can count on Love to be there and be sufficient within an instance, then we don’t feel anxious about what we need to do when we need to play our role in the particular instance.  This means we can just appreciate what we are meant to do as we understand whatever it is we are meant to do.

Usually we think of Love as all encompassing and all powerful as it is now. 

We understand that we don’t have to do anything to make Love stronger because in God’s perfect Love, it is perfect already. 

However, we learn that when we give Love a boundary, it becomes exponentially larger.  The Love is totally powerful as it is.

We don’t need to do anything because its perfection never gets diminished for any reason. 

But what we learn is that when we give love a boundary, it actually even gets stronger because it is infinite and it can.  

When we give Love a frame to fill up, then the frame becomes this powerful edge that can withstand even more than simply the Love of God inside. 

When we make this outer edge for Love to sit in, we discover this Love is even more resilient within the drama in the world.

When we give energy and life to this part us that is a boundary, it takes care of us when we need to be able to be direct and assertive verbally or practically. 

We find that Love manages to even get bigger when we give Love some definition.  

Boundaries work when we are watching our minds. because we give ourselves that edge to catch our wandering thoughts that latch onto drama and perceived suffering. 

Boundaries give us just a little push when we need it when we are trying to relax into our peace.

We need to catch that wild thinking and bring it Love, but with a firm and dedicated intention that we are not willing to settle for less than for total watching. 

Then, we choose again different thinking.

The law of Love gives us clarity about what Love can do when it is used optimally within our thinking and mind watching.   And the law of Love explains to us why we are blessed to have our brothers and sisters, with whom we all get equal benefits of that which we give to each and other.


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