12-23-14 Lesson 357 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lesson 357: “Truth answers every call we can make to God, responding first with miracles, and then returning unto us to be itself.”

We need to get in the practice of knowing God is available to answer with direction and love every time we have a question or call.  We can get used to focusing on the problem, emphasizing our role as a victim because we forget  to realize that God has the perfect answer and is just a breath away.  We just need to realize we don’t have to rely on the ego for a solution to the problem.  God has a effective and efficient way to meet our every need with abundant ease.
We need to get in the practice of turning to God for our clarity about how to move forward.  We can ask God for clarity in how to manage our relationships with others and how to surrender our own addiction to pain.  God is available to give us answers all around our existence.  We just have to give God the space and the willingness to not focus on the ego’s result which always leaves us wanting.

We can call to God and know with certainty that truth is going to be what we get in return.  When we look at our ego’s options for facing our dilemmas, we see only strife and chaos.  We need to understand that we will never find peace at the hand of our ego’s so we have to be willing to give God our devotion and joining.

The miracle is our shift in consciousness.  This is the way we want to live our lives is to bring the miracle to everything.  We may feel like we have an answer about how to proceed or we may feel utterly confused about our options, but what Jesus is teaching us to do here is be willing to bring the miracle to every avenue of our path.  We want to not just apply miracles when it’s convenient but to let miracles be the only answer we make.  We need to practice seeing the miracle as a viable and preferred option always.  We must make the commitment to make miracles be our only response to what troubles us.


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