ACIM Lesson 83

Lesson 83: Review: “My only function is the one God gave me.”  My happiness and my function are one.”

Our function is the one God gave us. 

God absolutely wants us to be happy. 

This is why He was kind and considerate enough to declare this reality for us.  We just need to accept it and be glad about it.  Accepting it is always the hard part.

It feels like a wild fantasy that God went out of His way to give us a direct connection to our happiness as the must fundamental part of us. 

We are given a function by God because God wants us to feel light and free and full of fulfillment and promise.  We have every opportunity to wrap ourselves around a present and future in the realm of happiness.

This means our quality of life will skyrocket when simply remember to accept it.

The hard part is just getting to that place where we realize God believes we are totally worthy of feeling great and feeling light. 

If God wants it this way, then surely, that’s how it is, because God is always consistent.  That means that our function is a set part of us and it will never change.

Therefore, all we have to do is sit and embrace the joy that is within us now.  We don’t need to wait until next week or until we get that job promotion to take the moment to connect with our ultra wonderful reality that happiness is simply the only thing that is important.

Our function matters because we are gifted with that information that we get to have the most amazing purpose. 

We get to have God’s function because it is what makes us feel fulfilled.  

Often, our lives feel like they are meant for someone else.

Lots of us walk around feeling like we are actually in someone else’s skin. 

We feel like our life was meant for some other person except for ourselves.

This always makes us feel uncertain for sure, but also makes us feel like we just want to escape the world we currently live in. 

The world and our lives feel wrong when we are not aligned with God, and that memory that God’s purpose is that basic part us that drives us forward can be not apparent. 

We need to simply realize that God gave us a function, thus, our job is to experience it and bask in it and appreciate it because it defines us and it helps to direct us when we face decisions in our day to day lives. 

We must remember that God loves us and planned the perfect situation for us to live in each day to come to that place of inner awareness that we are not just fine as we are, but we are worthy of all the best of the best. 

We are worthy of having a life that is abundant with joy, where we wake up every day and get ecstatic when the alarm goes off in the morning, because we are relishing every moment of every day, rain or shine.

The Course says that God says we are worthy of having the simple awareness that we are entirely loved by God and that our hearts shine with that attractive, magnetic, and wonderful energy of how it feels to be lovable.

Just appreciate that God gives us the go ahead in the Course to totally embrace the extraordinary- ourselves. 

We have the right and privilege of being amazing because God says we are. 

That means there is nothing to hold us back if God is our primary cheerleader and he is ready for the big game of our lives.

God doesn’t want us to settle for little.

We are asked to not limit God or have small ideas of how grand our experience of God’s love can be. 

This would totally sell God short.  The Course says the ego does this constantly, and thus, let’s notice when we fall back into old patterns of accepting very little in the department of our happiness.

We are always wrong about how great God is. 

We always underestimate God.  Let’s just listen to what God says when He stakes His claim of how fortunate we are meant to be.  Give God permission to be the author of our extraordinary joy.

Show up and enjoy this splendid lack of limit in God.


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