ACIM Lesson 84

Lesson 84: “Love created me like Itself.”  “Love holds no grievances.”

This lesson says, “Let this not tempt me to attack myself.” 

The only real problem we have is with our own attack energy. 

The world may appear to scare us when we notice it with some hint of awareness but what comes from the world is never as important as looking at our own inner thoughts and attack energy. 

We must appreciate that we are the ones who make the attack energy real in our own life experience.

The Course says that the world is simply the out picturing of our thinking and therefore, when we see the world and fret over it, this is not necessary at all.  

We want to rather come and look in our own minds to decipher what is there.  We want to catch the attack energy that we see projected in the world that comes through our minds first.  We want to catch the attack energy as quickly as we can- in our own minds, as this is the most effective way of addressing attack energy and the most efficient and helpful way that leads to any resolution.

The Course says that our attack energy originates in our own minds so if we want to resolve it in any lasting or real way, we need to look within as promptly as possible.  

The world may appear to have difficulties and we can choose to address them and change them if we feel called by the Holy Spirit to take a particular action.

But when we address change, we need to show up feeling our certainty so that we exude God’s energy. 

We must forgive the situation and all involved so that we can be soft and pliant in our energy and intention in trying to change what we see. 

Just remember that nothing is wrong, and so we come with a totally non-judging heart while we also work to settle things. 

We carry that light, open energy with us and this allows us to feel happier, better, and more positive when we are working to rectify the situation at hand.

We want to remember that we always have a way out of the attack energy by simply noticing it within and then just giving the ego a firm, though gentle push that we will stand for no less than peace of mind. 

We have the perfect chance to change our minds if we just stop for a moment and realize what is happening when the attack thoughts come.  Just use this as a time to develop our practice of giving all that attack thinking to God’s altar.

We surrender it to God and just bless it it all for being there, while we give the ego the clear message that we want nothing less than the attack thoughts completely eradicated from our minds. 

We love ourselves in this process but stay clear that our decision to choose our thinking is our own right to our empowerment and our gift to ourselves.


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