ACIM Lesson 251

Lesson 251:” What is sin?”  “I need of nothing but the truth.”

The ego latches onto those silver platters, for dear life. 

The ego proclaims at a deafening intensity that it knows what makes us truly happy.  The ego thinks that life’s finer things are what will give us at last a sense of fulfillment.  The ego is always making great efforts, and yet never knowing truly what will bring us joy.

The world is filled with trinkets that look beautiful and the ego thinks if we get enough of these, we will be so stuffed within with these externals, we will actually be numbed out from the action of over stuffing ourselves and yet won’t realize this is a false filler.  It leaves us with a vast void within nonetheless.

This overstuffing never feels good because we don’t feel balanced within or externally either. 

The Course teaches that the world is full of distractions.

Thus, we easily fall prey to believing them and consuming them furiously with the hopes that they will end that nagging sense of despair that the ego brings us one hundred percent of the time. 

The world seems so ripe with bounty, we just think that taking it all in will distract us long enough that we forget we actually don’t feel good with more from the world that we were meant to take in at any given period of time.

We are meant to have a pace in our lives, where we breathe in some of the extraordinary things and beautiful trinkets and then we breathe out and take a rest from consuming. 

The problem is always that our egos have this monstrous appetite for devouring, inhaling and consuming. 

The ego gets caught up in repeating this pattern of discomfort because the ego leads us to believe more is better.  Our purpose is to realize that the ego does this.

We must sit with the ego, and we accept that the ego only knows what it is good at.

Then, we forgive ourselves for having that nagging urge to consume more. 

We can forgive ourselves as Jesus shows us in the Course, and allow our minds instead an out-breath.

When we sit still in the out-breath, we have a moment to collect our minds and energy and just sit in appreciation of what we just feasted on.

 We don’t need to inhale or consume more.  We want to sit and love this moment for all we have just consumed.  Then we give space in our selves for the balance that is meant to come in our human experience.  We consume, we take a break and appreciate other things.

It is the gentle and ever so important, necessary cycle of yin and yang.

We learn to meet the ego with love.

We may have a long standing battle stance with our egos where we are always find ourselves on the precipice of starting war. 

We are constantly initiating some attack in our minds because the ego seems like such a formidable threat, thus, we stand up to put the ego in its place.

We can feel like we have no control over a certain behavior.  This can be frightening. 

We just don’t know how to figure this out often.

It can be destabilizing and threaten our worlds.  The behavior is so disconcerting, we just start to react from knowing what the ego is going to give us causes to shudder.  We must learn to love the ego’s insanity.   Just appreciate we must take this part of us, the ego’s drama, and bless it with the gift of God’s Love.

We bless it for being present in helping us live our lives up until now. 

We don’t have to continue on with the ego’s insane behavior.

But then we must give our egos the most gentle nudge to release us from that hold the ego has over our minds.

Then when we give the ego back to God, being able to actually interject into the ego’s norm and truly change the ego’s behavior is more possible because we let God into the equation. 


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