Lesson 192 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lesson 192: “I have a function God would have me fill.”

This lesson says, “It is your Father’s holy Will that you complete Himself.”  The Course teaches that God is perfect and so needs absolutely nothing.  God is perfectly whole, certainly unbroken.  God is always in a state of precise alignment and perfect essence within Himself.  God needs nothing outside of Himself to complete Him.  The Course says God is the most supreme energy- that the energy has no lack whatsoever.  It has not even form because God doesn’t need form to express Love.  God’s Love is the constant emanating from this Being.  The Course says that God has no lack at all.  Therefore, there is never an instance when God is looking to take someone else’s energy and join with it, in order to supply an inner lack and become more whole.  God never needs to do this because God is already whole.

Therefore God needs not me nor anyone else to make Him whole.  Further, this statement on one hand implies that God is needy of another’s energy.  This is just just an issue of semantics- a use of words that is not completely clear.  The Course tells us that God is perfect already and in no need of anyone else to fortify his energy.  This may be mistakenly understood this way here.  God is not saying in any way, shape, or form that He is in need of anything other than His own Divine energy- as this provides Him with the advantage far beyond the scope of our imagination and with precisely what He needs to be God.

What Jesus is saying is that when we join with God- in our most natural state- then this is the way we complete God.  Using the world ‘complete’ implies that we are what makes God total within Himself.  This is understood to mean that God loves us so much and includes us at HIs party without fail because Good wants us to share His banquet table.

God wants us to be with Him no matter what.  That’s why He says that we complete Him because He wants us to comprehend how dearly God does not want us to shrink away from our joining with Him.  This states that if we aren’t joined with God, God will necessarily know that we are missing from the spectacular array of spirits that are consciously joining with God.  He will be not fully present if we don’t willingly join with Him.  And of course, with that said, God also simultaneously is never in a state of being less than fully present.

This lesson says, “Forgiveness represents your function here.”  The Course is giving us license here to be fully aware and awake in the world.  Be in the world because this is where we are this  portion of our dream.  Jesus says- learn the language of the world because this is what we need to play our part in the world.  We are asked to deny that the world has any validity and we are also asked to see it truly as the manifestation of our dream.

Hold that the world can have no negative impact.  This lesson reminds us that forgiveness is the only item on our agenda.  Make nothing beyond the realm of what we can forgive.  If  we get stuck in the process- pray and pray and pray until we receive a sense of levity and lightness about whatever is the worldly issue.  Know that forgiveness is the only real purpose of the world and of our experience being human.  Remember to make forgiveness the constant lens through which we perceive the world.  Then peace will abound.


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