Lesson 191 Laurie’s Reflections

Friday, July 10, 2015

Lesson 191: “I am the holy Son of God Himself.”

We are exactly as the Christ, as Jesus.  The Course says that we are all united into one energy even if we seem to be in different forms.  In the end, we are all made from the same energy and we all carry this mutual spirit among ourselves.  We are all one so there is no difference between me and Jesus.  We are as equals and considered equals by God.  Because even Jesus, as great as he was, was no more than I am or you are.  Jesus said that he had more experience than we do in remembering only God’s energy in the making of himself.  This is why Jesus appeared to be better than we are at staying connected and aligned with God’s energy and no one else’s.

Jesus was more experienced but that does not make Him more worthy of all of God’s gifts in God’s eyes.  We are all equal in God’s eyes. This helps to make sense of how we can join in essence with our bothers and sisters in our own identification as God’s chosen children.  When we see that God is no more favored toward anyone, including us with our perceived sins and Jesus the Christ then it is easier to comprehend that we are actually of the same essence of Christ.  And thus, we are all united in the Christ and as the Christ.  This is why we can see that we are all united and as equals in the realm of God’s chosen ones.

This lesson says, “What have you done that this should be your world?”  This is a real question that helps us to get closer to that part of us that we avoid and deny.  This reminds us that we in fact have every reason to notice and inquire with real interest- what did we do that was so bad that we would then commit ourselves to living in the world as our punishment?  This statement implies two things: one, that the world is in fact disastrous to be in.  We definitely have those tendencies to downplay the insanity of the world.

Our ego’s don’t want to look at the pain and misery that we usually call home, so our egos like to pretend this is somehow untrue.  But this lesson drives it home about the extent of the insanity of the world.  It implies- look at how crazy this place is.  The world is not just a little out of kilter- it is outright crazy as can be!  The second thing this lesson implies is that we believe that we are not good enough to be worth something better than the world.  Jesus is asking us here- what in the world could anyone, you or brothers and sisters, do that would cause us to commit to live in the world as some form of punishment?

This says- there is no way ANYONE could have done something so sinful that they would deserve then a life in this crazy world.  Here Jesus is saying- wake up!  This is a very big mistake and we need our attention to change it.  Let’s use this teaching as something that simply helps to open our eyes, so we aren’t relegated to the world for some life there out of God’s light.  All we have to do is do a back step and get our minds rejoined with God.


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