Lesson 167 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lesson 167: “There is one life, and that I share with God.”

This lesson gives us some insight into the Course’s view of death.  We learn to understand that God is considered life because that is the light and essence of God.  Life equals God.  Then because God is entirely true, then God can have no opposite.  When life exists in truth, nothing, no energy nor form, can be contrary to it.  Because the truth that God is life is so powerful and present, it naturally fills up everything.  Then if God’s life fills everything, then it is only logical that there can be no death.  Death as the world sees it can’t exist because life is necessarily filling everything.

When we think about how death creeps into our thoughts, this lesson points out that when we are not supremely happy, this is just a small bit of death in our thoughts.   This feeling occurs when we are not filled with abundance and calm and peace.  This is the state that opposes life which the world calls death.  We can see that death seems to trickle into our consciousness even in the form of simple displeasure.  This is why it is ever so important to make sure our hearts are exuding joy beyond measure.

This way we fill up our hearts with happiness- which is the essence of God- means no amount or form of death can be included in any way.  Our energy of death just washes away when we are willing to put attention into choosing to live in utmost joy and cast away any inkling of what we equate with death.  Jesus just wants us to know here that when our thoughts are entertaining energy of death then we are not committed to living in God’s light.  Then we are not actually alive.

This lesson says, “Ideas remain united to their source.”  This helps us to understand that energy stays within itself.  If God is light and God fills everything up and extends light to everything else, it is because that’s all that God contains.  God only extends love because God is only love.  ThIs helps us to keep in mind that the darkness or death is the only thing that can cause death.  This never comes from God because it is not God energy.  I think this helps us to see that the darkness is simply unreal truly.  Because God is the Source of the Universe, God is everywhere.  Because light fills up every crevice, then darkness simply ceases to exist.  It gives us credence about the fact that God is the only real existing force.


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