ACIM Lesson 231

Lesson 231: “What is salvation?”  “Father, I will but to remember You.”

This lesson says, “Perhaps I think I seek for something else; a something I have called by many names. Yet is your Love the only thing I seek or ever sought.”

This lesson reminds us of the idols we seek in the world.  The ego and the world have a whole spectrum of names for these different diversions.

The Course even calls our ego’s wild love for worldly highs when we make gods out of the world. 

We get so invested in whatever the world is offering that we forget that God is infinitely better.

Comparing is futile  The world leads us to infinite numbers of places we end up getting sucked into energetically in the act of  being overly into them.  When we get so obsessed with the world’s offerings, these become our idols.  The Course reminds us that this a big dance we think we do with the world’s idols and our over focusing on them because the ego says they bring great joy in the end if we sit around and spend enough time with them.  Eventually they will bring the great happiness we all seek.

The ego tells us that they promise us a return that is worth our time.  

The ego’s investment in the idols of the world always leaves us being totally shattered. 

We never are able to hook into an energetic and holistic peace of mind because these are always purely lacking.  We discover from experience that they never bring anything other than a brief encounter with a moment we believe is joy.

This is fleeting and short lived because it is not truly of God and thus with real substance. 

The world is always giving us excuses to run right away from God.  The ego makes claims  with which it never comes through.  We just have to realize this and allow this information to sink in.  It is telling us the truth.

Thus, looking to the world for anything more than nothingness to fill our bank of lightness and peace is always futile venture.

God gives us actual peace of mind when we stop and focus on God.  

We just have to remember God’s agenda is the only valid method to get to peace.  The world is a frustrating ground to look for peace.  Our job is to not pretend this is otherwise.

We are meant to see this, and accept it, and then change our behavior accordingly. 

We want to stop looking to the world for something that it can never give us.  This will never work.  Our task is to be sure we stop looking there.  And remember how often we forget the ego is masterful at creating idols out of everything.

God seems like an afterthought when we let the ego tend our ships.

This is why we must practice the task of understanding that we can play our part of not buying into the ego’s search for lasting happiness in flimsy worldly things that have no sustenance of God’s energy and Essence.  These always leave us wanting.  All we have to do is appreciate that we can make God’s agenda our focus and stop wasting our time and energy looking for Love where God is not.

We need to stop doing what is illogical.  And if we don’t know how, we get on our knees and pray for God’s guidance. 

The great news is that our getting to God is a sure thing as long as we use tools like our willingness and certainty that we will do our part in not carrying on- in engaging in the world’s obsessions in any other way but to let them go from our consciousness.

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  1. Bob 8 years ago

    A beautiful reflection Laurie, thank you.

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